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As summer heats up, a cool and savory snack is often just what we need! Watermelon steaks make for an incredibly tasty snack, especially when served up on the hottest days. Ready to learn how to dazzle your summer guests with this delicious treat? Read on to find out more about this juicy and flavorful summer-ready recipe!

1. Decadent & Delicious: Summer-Ready Watermelon Steaks

When it comes to delicious and decadent summer favourites, juicy, ripe watermelon is an absolute must! To take your summer refreshment to another level, look no further than these mouth-watering watermelon “steaks”.

These vibrant, flavourful creations don’t just look extraordinary – they also pack a punch when it comes to taste and nutrition. Using a sharp knife or a mandolin, slice your watermelon into ¼-inch thick slices. Grill the slices until grill marks form and sprinkle with a little sea salt and fresh basil leaves. The result is a ‘steak’ featuring a sweet, smoky flavour and complementing textures of crisp and juicy. Topped with your favourite summer sauces such as Balsamic or Greek yoghurt dressing, the combinations are endless!

  • Ingredients: Watermelon slices, sea salt, basil leaves, Balsamic or Greek yoghurt dressings
  • Instructions: Using a sharp knife or a mandolin, slice watermelon into ¼-inch thick slices. Grill the slices until grill marks form. Sprinkle with sea salt and fresh basil leaves. Serve with desired summer sauces.

2. A Sweet and Refreshing Treat for Hot Weather

When the summer sun is relentless, you need a quick and easy way to cool down. A drink to soothe your throat and a treat to lighten your mood – what could be better?

Here are two simple recipes that are sure to hit the spot:

  • Iced Lychee Refresher: Make a simple syrup with equal parts sugar and water. Slice up some fresh lychees and add them to the syrup. Pour the mixture into an ice-cold glass and garnish with a few mint leaves. Enjoy!
  • Watermelon and Coconut Smoothie: Remove the seeds from a wedge of watermelon, chop it up and blend it with some coconut milk, a few drops of lime juice, and a generous spoonful of maple syrup. Pour the creamy concoction into a tall glass and enjoy this guilt-free treat.

These will help you beat the heat and indulge your taste buds too, so why not give them a try?

2. A Sweet and Refreshing Treat for Hot Weather

3. Picking Out the Perfect Watermelon for the Perfect Steaks

Summertime is the season for grilling up your favorite steaks on the BBQ, and that makes it the perfect time to pick out a juicy watermelon as well! The succulent sweetness of a perfectly ripe watermelon can take your BBQ night to new heights. Here are some tips on how to choose the ideal watermelon for your special occasion.

  • Look for the shape: Ovals are the most common shape for watermelons, but you might also find round and oblong. Look for a firm, symmetrical watermelon without any dents, bruises, or cuts.
  • Lift it up: A ripe watermelon should feel heavy for its size. A good indicator that you’re picking a winner is if the watermelon feels actually heavier than you expect!
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It’s also a great idea to give your potential watermelon a little pat. A ripe watermelon should make a hollow sound, if it’s ready or close to it. You can also look for a creamy yellow spot, which tells you that it has been ripening while resting on the ground.

3. Picking Out the Perfect Watermelon for the Perfect Steaks

4. Make Way for an Easy and Healthy Summer Snack

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start thinking of healthy snack options. If you’re looking for something easy, yet flavorful and satisfying, there’s no better time than now to give your taste buds a treat. Here are 4 ideas for an easy and healthy snack that’ll keep you energized and refreshed all summer long!

  • Smoothie Bowl: It doesn’t get much easier than this refreshing and nourishing snack! Simply combine your favorite fruits and veggies with some almond or coconut milk and nutritious superfoods like chia or flax seeds and blend. Serve in a bowl topped with extra goodies like toasted coconut, granola, or chopped walnuts.
  • Fruit Salad: This is one of the most classic and nutritious snacks that you can whip up in a jiffy. Simply cut up an assortment of fruits, throw in some spices like cinnamon or ginger, and you have a sweet and zesty treat that’s both delicious and healthy.
  • Vegetable Chips: Instead of snacking on unhealthy store-bought chips, why not make your own vegetable chips with just a few simple ingredients? Slice some apples, carrots, or beets, season with your favorite herbs, and bake until crispy and flavorful.
  • PB&J Thumbprint Cookies: If you’re craving something sweet and indulgent, but don’t want to compromise on healthy eating, try making these delightful PB&J thumbprint cookies. All you need is some oats, natural peanut butter, and your favorite jam.

These easy and healthy summer snacks will take no time to make, and they’re sure to give you an energy boost so you can make the most out of the sunny weather!
4. Make Way for an Easy and Healthy Summer Snack

5. Sprucing Up Watermelon Steaks with an Array of Juicy Toppings

There’s no better way to welcome summer than with juicy watermelon steaks as part of a picnic meal or cooked barbeque. And, having a variety of toppings make these delicious steaks even tastier! Here’s some of our favorites:

  • A sprinkle of seasoned sesame seeds
  • Toasted almond slivers for a crunchy texture
  • Chopped green onions for a mild flavor
  • Tangy feta cheese cubes
  • Coriander leaves for an herby aroma
  • Cubes of crunchy cucumber

These tasty toppings only take a few moments to prepare, but truly make a world of difference in your watermelon steak experience! One of our favorite topping combinations is a spread of feta cubes and toasted almond slivers, with sesame sprinkled generously on top. It’s a light, delectable topping that’ll have your guests coming back for more!

6. Beat the Heat with a Sweet and Savory Summery Bite

Summer is here and that means inevitable heat that leaves you reaching out for a bite of something – sweet and savory – to quench the thirst. Quenching your thirst with a sweet and savory summery snack can be easily enjoyed together with family and friends. Here are some ideas for your next summery snack:

  • Guacamole Burgers – Take the classic burger to a next level by adding a hearty guacamole, which is sure to be a hit. An easy and refreshing summer lunch.
  • Summer Frittata – Frittatas are light and delicious any time of the year, but they can be amazing with the addition of some seasonal veggies like tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms. Perfect for a brunch get together.
  • Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes – Nothing like a sweet treat to get you through a summer day. These cupcakes with their light and fluffy texture will be the hit of the party.
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An easy way to turn summer convenience snacks into something special is to add some fresh herbs like basil or thyme and squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice on top. This can turn boring store-bought snacks into mini-works of art! Add some grilled meat or fish and some fresh veggies, and you have a complete summery snack that will leave everyone feeling full, satiated and happy.

7. Going Beyond the Slice: Watermelon Steaks for a New Kind of Comfort Food

Watermelon is synonymous with summertime barbecues, juicy and sweet and perfect to snack on in the hot weather. But have you ever thought about going beyond the slice?

Enter the mouthwatering world of watermelon steaks. This epicurean mashup of summer’s favorite fruit and a classic steak dinner will reinvent comfort food as we know it. Here’s how to get started:

  • Pick the Right Melon: Choose melons that are ripe, symmetrical, and free of markings. Additionally, look for a melon with an even wall thickness, as that will help ensure that each steak is an even size.
  • Slice and Season: Cut watermelon into slices about three-four inches thick, season them with salt, pepper, herbs and spices, and a drizzle of olive oil.
  • Grill: Heat the grill to medium high and lightly oil the grate. Grill for a few minutes on each side until the melon is slightly charred

Serve the steaks with a side dish of choice and indulge in a reinvented summertime comfort food. Enjoy!

8. Step Up Your Summertime Snacking with a Dozen Sweet and Juicy Treats

Summertime snacking should be a joy – and with this amazing lineup of sweet, juicy treats, you’re sure to find something that’ll satisfy your craving. Here are a dozen of the best around:

  • Lemon Meringue Pie: Sweet, tart, and creamy, this classic dessert will have you licking your lips in delight!
  • Strawberries and Cream: Nothing says summer like a bowl of freshly-picked strawberries – and when paired with velvety-smooth cream, it’s a snack that’s simply divine.
  • Bananas Foster: This decadent French dish is the perfect summer indulgence – bananas cooked in a warm cinnamon-caramel sauce. Yum!
  • Grilled Pineapple: With its slightly smoky flavor, charred pineapple is a great addition to any BBQ-themed feast.
  • Peaches & Cream: Ripe, juicy peaches are the perfect companion to cool, velvety cream. A simple pleasure, but oh-so-satisfying!

Plus, there’s fresh watermelon, coconut shortcake, key lime pie, fruit tarts, banana bread, blueberry crumble, and mango sorbet – all ideal for summertime snacking! So go ahead, treat yourself to some sweet, juicy summer treats – your taste buds will thank you!

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9. Perfecting the Art of Watermelon Steaks: Tips and Tricks to Put You Ahead

Any home cook can easily turn watermelon into juicy chunks, but what about turning it into steaks? Cooking watermelon steaks is an art. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the art of watermelon steaks:

  • Make sure pitch your cutting board perfectly towards the middle, this will help you create even, symmetrical edible slices.
  • Choose an appropriate knife. Make sure you pick a knife with a broad and sharp blade, like a chef’s knife, to avoid any accidental squashing or mushing of the watermelon.
  • It’s best to opt for a ripe watermelon for maximum flavour and smoky sweetness. One that is firm to the touch is also best.

Once your preparation is complete, give your melon slices a light sear on a hot, preheated pan. The sides will start to caramelize and turn golden-brown within a few minutes. Once done, enjoy your juicy watermelon steaks with a bit of flakey sea salt, freshly ground pepper, lemon juice and basil!

10. Don’t Forget the Sweet: How to Temper the Savoriness with Sweet and Creamy Toppings

Need a bit of a sweet kick to take your dish to the next level? Creamy and sweet toppings add a zing to the overall flavor of your savory dish. Here are a few ideas that you can use to add a delightful contrast:

  • Fruit Jam – Why not sweeten up your dish with a spoonful of strawberry, raspberry, or blueberry jam? This is especially great on grilled vegetables
  • Honey – Honey is a natural sweetener that can also give your dish an aromatic flavor. Drizzle honey on your dish for a tasty combination of sweet and savory
  • Yogurt – Mix Greek yogurt with some fresh herbs or spices for a flavorful topping. You can also add teaspoon of honey for extra sweetness.

Toasted nuts are another great option to add a contrast of sweet and savory flavors to your meal. Walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts are all delicious. Simply toast them in a pan until they are fragrant and mix in some honey or brown sugar for sweetness. Sprinkle these on top of a dish and you’ll have a delicious meal in no time.

At the end of the day, watermelon steaks are the perfect way to make your summer dining experience refreshing and exciting. Enjoy the juicy watermelon steak with some chili salt and a touch of lime, and you’ll definitely be singing the summertime blues.