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Welcome to ARFRA.

Welcome to the official Australian Rare Fauna Research Association website.

The purpose of this website is for the release of official ARFRA Policy, and to create a mechanism for the reporting of sightings.

ARFRA is a voluntary, not for profit research organisation dedicated to recording and investigating sightings of unusual animals.

Since its inception in 1984, ARFRA has collated and analysed over 10000 reports of animals resembling Pumas, Panthers and Tasmanian Tigers, together with numerous reports of unidentified birds, reptiles & amphibians from all parts of Australia.

Reports have also been received of footprints, vocalisations, kills and other indications. Members have conducted over 2100 field investigations into these phenomena.

The ARFRA database is the most detailed compilation of this kind of information in Australia, and is constantly expanding as new records are added.

All visitors to this site are encouraged to report any such information, even if the event occurred some years ago. Your report may corroborate a sighting from another person in the same area at the time, lending support to your observation and perhaps adding a piece to the jigsaw of research into these animals.


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