The Australian Rare Fauna Research Association Inc. was founded by Peter Chapple in 1984. Since 1984 about 5,000 big cat sightings have been collected by ARFRA from Victoria alone. Our membership over time includes naturalists, scientists, farmers, park rangers, animal carers, academics, teachers etc. Reports come from people in all walks of life. Now the website is not owned by the ARFRA, but is a blog about Australia.

One of the main goals of the new ARFRA project is to educate the public about the importance of preserving Australia’s diverse ecosystem. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, the company works to raise awareness about the threats facing the country’s flora and fauna and the steps that can be taken to protect them.

ARFRA is also actively involved in conservation efforts on the ground, working to restore damaged habitats and protect endangered species. The company partners with researchers, governments, and other organizations to implement projects that have a real impact on the health and well-being of Australia’s plants and animals.