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Popeyes, the force in the fast-food world, is making a bold move in 2020: they’ve gone vegan! That’s right, this beloved eatery is shaking things up with a menu that has sophisticated, plant-based options that are truly tasty. If you’re curious about this new vegan-fare, then you’ve come to the right place — we’re about to take a deep dive into Popeyes’ vegan journey.
Popeyes Goes Vegan: Tasty New Options!

1. “Tasty Treats: Popeyes Goes Vegan”

Popeyes just made it to the vegan club. The widely popular fast-food chain has been serving up Southern-style fried chicken for decades and now it’s adding something a bit different to the menu. The chain just announced the launch of their vegan-friendly items, and it’s sure to be a hit.

What’s on the menu?

  • Meatless Spicy Tenders: Popeyes has taken a vegan-approved approach to their famous spicy chicken tenders. The classic crispy coating still has the same flavor, but vegan customers can now enjoy the classic bite without the guilt.
  • Meatless Mild Tenders: If you’re not a fan of spicy food, you can still indulge in the mild tenders. They have the same taste and texture without the spice.
  • Meatless Bayou Buffalo Sauce: You can’t have the tenders without the classic dipping sauce. Popeyes has a vegan-friendly version of the classic Bayou Buffalo that’s sure to please.

Popeyes’ new vegan menu items are sure to be a hit with customers looking for an animal-friendly alternative. Plus, no one has to miss out on the Southern-style cuisine that Popeyes is known for.

2. “Satisfyingly Savory: Popeyes Launches Vegan Lineup”

Popeye’s is well known for serving up scrumptious fried chicken, but now they have a brand new menu option that even plant-based eaters can enjoy! The restaurant chain has launched a vegan lineup that includes a number of tantalizingly tasty dishes:

  • Plant-Based Chicken Sandwich: Popeye’s tastiest vegan option is a crispy, smoky and gnarly-good sandwich made with a vegan patty that features Chik ‘n Skewers, made with pea protein.
  • Cajun Fries: All the flavor and crunch of everyone’s favorite side dish, but made entirely from plant-based ingredients.
  • Vegan Fleet Feast: For the hungry plant-based eaters, this feast includes the Plant-Based Chicken Sandwich and a hearty side of Cajun Fries, as well as a tasty Cookie.

No matter what type of eater you are, you won’t be disappointed with Popeye’s vegan lineup! Favorites like Cajun Fries and a Plant-Based Chicken Sandwich are flavorful, satisfying, and sure to please both meat-eaters and plant-based eaters alike.

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3. “Vegan Vibes: Introducing the Brand-New Popeyes Lineup”

Popeyes has recently unveiled a brand-new lineup of vegan dishes to satisfy your taste and dietary requirements. This exceptional lineup of vegan dishes has been specially crafted to make sure that you don’t miss out on the indulgence and flavor you love.

The new recipes are perfect for everyone and are loaded with exciting flavors. The vegan dishes include an array of flavorsome dishes such as:

  • Vegan Spicy Nuggets – Juicy vegan nuggets with a crunchy coating and spicy flavor.
  • Vegan Tenders – Tender vegan strips, marinated in Louisiana-style spices.
  • Veggie Burger – A unique vegan blend of black beans, red onions, carrots and bell peppers.
  • Vegan Fries – Lightly salted vegan fries, lightly seasoned with garlic and herbs.

Head over to your nearest Popeyes to try out the new vegan dishes. Enjoy the flavorsome pleasure you did not have before.


4. “Savory Satisfaction: Schmack the New Popeyes Vegan Menu”

Take your taste buds on a journey with Popeyes vegan menu, filled with the freshest and most delicious plant based recipes! Bite into crave-worthy dishes like the vegan chicken sandwich, Beyond Meat sausage and cheese, or the classic red beans and rice. The options are endless!

With each vegan dish, you can customize and make it your own. Get creative and top off your meal with a selection of Popeyes sauces, all crafted to bring out the unique flavors in each vegan special. Try the Cajun sauce for a spicy kick, the Caribbean sauce for a hint of sweetness and the garlic pepper mayo for a unique twist.

  • Vegan chicken sandwich
  • Beyond Meat sausage and cheese
  • Chick’n po’boy sandwich
  • Vegan Red beans and rice

Experience a new level of savory satisfaction with Popeyes vegan menu, and hit up your local restaurant to Schmack the vegan specials!

5. “Munch Madness: Popeyes Unleashes their Vegan Options”

Fast-food just got a vegan face-lift! Popeyes has just released the plant-based Cajun “Flavor-Fusion” tenders and sandwich to join in the Munch Madness – and they’re a delicious surprise.

The vegan tenders, made with meat-free chick’n, are crisp on the outside and pack a kick of satisfying Cajun spices. Throw them in your favorite sandwich, top them with a creamy sauce, or just dive into mighty portion. With the vegan sandwich, you can finally enjoy all the goodness of Popeyes without needing the fleshy version. The vegan version has two crispy all-vegan fillets, sandwiching a generous portion of pickles, lettuce, and a creamy vegan mayo. All these together makes for an authentic Popeye’s experience, with some plant-based indulgence.

Some of the delicious features that make the vegan options stand out are:

  • Zero Artificial Flavors. Both the Cajun “Flavor-Fusion” tenders and sandwich only contain all-natural ingredients, with no compromises on the taste.
  • Savory Spice Level. The Cajun spices infuse the vegan tenders and sandwich with the perfect amount of that irresistibly tangy flavor.
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6. “Vegan for a Day: Dive Into the Popeyes Spread”

Vegan Life Where You Least Expect it

Popeyes chicken is famous for its fried chicken sandwiches and sides, but vegans don’t have to miss out. Popeyes have recently launched their vegan spread and it’s sure to satisfy the taste buds. The spread is made with plant-based ingredients, like seitan and a variety of spices, baked and served in a vegan bun.

Vegans may have not have thought that they’ve head to a place like Popeyes to indulge in a vegan meal, but the delicious spread is quickly becoming popular. It has a flavorful, smoked flavor that’s full of umami and is a must for vegans and flexitarian eaters alike. Here’s what you can expect from the vegan spread:

  • Plant-based protein
  • Smoky, umami flavors
  • Unique spices
  • Served in a vegan bun

To recreate the classic Popeyes sandwich, try adding some vegan mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickles. The vegan burger is just as crave-able as the original, perfect for lunch or dinner. So, vegans don’t have to miss out on Popeyes, try their vegan spread today and enjoy a vegan meal in an unexpected place.

7. “Delightful Dishes: Popeyes’ Fresh New Vegan Fare”

It’s A Plant-Based Delight

For those who are looking for something delicious and vegan-friendly, Popeyes’ new vegan fare has them covered. The restaurant has released three plant-based dishes that are sure to please, ranging from french fries to sandwiches and tenders. Vegan hopefuls will be able to enjoy a variety of dishes that are sure to tantalize their taste buds.

These dishes include:

  • Popeyes Louisiana Voodoo Tenders
  • Cajun Fries
  • The Classic Sandwich

The Louisiana Voodoo Tenders are sure to please. Battered and breaded, these tenders are made from plant-based protein and are bursting with a delicious and flavorful voodoo spice blend. For a savory side, the Cajun Fries are perfect for dipping, spiced up with the popular Popeyes seasoning. The Classic Sandwich is a must-try, topped with lettuce, vegan mayonnaise, pickles and non-dairy cheese. All three of these dishes are sure to please vegans and non-vegans alike.

8. “Taking the Plunge: Popeyes Opens Its Vegan Horizons”

It’s been a long time since the vegan community was eagerly waiting for their favorite fast-food chain to fulfill their expectations, but the wait was worth it! Popeyes finally opened its vegan horizons by introducing plant-based options in their menu.

The comforting classic flavors of Popeyes’ iconic dishes make these vegan options irresistible. Choose between a vegan Cajun Wrap, Fried Cauliflower Bowl, or Skinny Sandwich – all equally delicious! The key ingredients used to enhance every dish is the special blend of spices and sauces. As it is all vegan, for sure it is healthy as well. Some must-asks are listed here:

  • Grilled Okra
  • Cajun Fries
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Sweet and Sour Signature Biscuit Bowl

The vegan menu is an important step towards the expansion of the vegan culture, giving chance to the food lovers to binge-eat their favorite Popeyes meal without worrying about their health. People can now enjoy flavorful vegan dishes in their free time with no guilt. Popeyes surely isn’t afraid of taking a plunge into something difficult when it comes to satisfying customers.

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9. “Mouthwatering Meals: Popeyes Vegan Creation”

Popeyes has introduced the plant-based vegan option to the global menu, and patrons are already in awe! From the delicious seasoning to the pleasing crunch of the coating, Popeyes vegan creation stirs up a real party in the mouth. The soy-based chicken features a savory blend of onion, garlic, and of course, a unique blend of spices.

On the side, Popeyes includes a creamy mild slaw. Plus, to help you along your vegan journey, customers also have the choice of Dairy-free sauces. Take your pick between Barbeque, Buffalo, and Sweet and Spicy. Can’t decide? You can always select 4 sauces and make a real masterpiece of your order!

  • Enjoy the flavorsome soy-based vegan chicken for the main protein.
  • Sides include mild slaw and dairy-free sauces.
  • A perfect choice for vegan-beginner and vegan-lovers alike!

10. “Tantalizing Twist: Vegan at Popeyes Has Never Tasted so Good!

Popeyes, one of America’s most beloved fried chicken joints, is bringing something new and exciting to the table! Introducing their tantalizing twist: Vegan at Popeyes – never tasted so good! Savory plant-based fried “chicken” option is a delicious and healthier alternative for vegan diners. 

  • It’s Award-Winning: Popeye’s vegan offering has already been named Forbes’s Best Vegan Sandwich of 2020.
  • Swap Out the Dairy: This sandwich swaps out dairy for the vegan mayonnaise.

Popeyes continues to surprise and please consumers with their creative offerings. Not only is their vegan sandwich an award-winner, it is both flavorful and filling, proving that vegan food can be just as indulgent as traditional options. 

Popeye’s goes vegan! It’s a bold new step forward that they’ve taken. With delicious and healthy options, you can now enjoy vegan food with just as much enthusiasm as their non-vegan offerings. Who knows, maybe some day they’ll come out with a vegan chicken sandwich? We can only wait and see!