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Do you have celiac disease, or perhaps you’re just trying to watch your carb intake? Then you’re in luck! Domino’s Pizza has just debuted a gluten-free pizza option, so that you can still enjoy your favorite pizza without the guilt. Enjoy a guilt-free slice with Domino’s new gluten-free pizza!
Dominos Debuts Gluten-Free Pizza Option

1. “Dominos Roll Out Delicious Gluten-Free Option To Pizza Lovers Everywhere”

Domino’s Pizza is taking their commitment to pizza lovers to the next level by introducing their Gluten-Free Crust. Indulge in all your favorite toppings while avoiding the risk of cross contaminating your favorite dish with wheat! Adding to their expansive array of tasty choices, this new, gluten-free alternative all started when Domino’s employees got together to create a dough from scratch.

A major step forward for Domino’s, Gluten-Free Pizza treats customers who have a gluten allergy to an option that still tastes delicious, without the risk of an allergic reaction. Rather than offering a thin, hard-crust, Domino’s gluten-free option is made with a rich and hearty taste that rivals other pizzas. This is possible thanks to some innovative ingredients-including rice and tapioca flours- and includes 12 delicious toppings to choose from.

  • Pick from Pepperoni, Sausage, Onion, Green Pepper, Mushroom, and many more
  • Same great Domino’s quality with a gluten-free option
  • Nutritional facts info provided on website


2. “Say Goodbye To Gluten Intolerance with Dominos”

Dominos recently announced a new revolutionary range of gluten-free pizzas, allowing pizza-lovers with gluten-intolerance to indulge in their favorite food for the very first time! This is great news for anyone who has had to shun pizzas for fear of causing themselves harm.

There are currently three delicious gluten-free pizzas to choose from:

  • The Ultimate Pepperoni
  • The Garden Special
  • The Extravaganza

Each pizza is made with an amazing crust that no one can tell the difference. No more worrying about the quality of the food, as these delicious gluten-free pizzas are as tasty as their gluten-filled counterparts!

Indulge in Dominos Gluten-Free Pizzas Today!


3. “Revolutionizing the Pizza Delivery Industry with an Inclusive Gluten-Free Pizza”

Gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly popular, and pizzas are no longer out of reach. For those who live a gluten-free lifestyle, it’s refreshing to find options that still provide deliciousness and nutrition but don’t pose any health risk. makes it easier to feed a variety of health-conscious diners.

The benefits of offering a gluten-free option to pizza delivery customers are numerous. It allows those with gluten intolerance to enjoy pizza without the worries of experiencing adverse reactions. Additionally, introducing this option to the menu gives customers more choice and variety. Not to mention, the inclusion of a gluten-free pizza also opens the door to gaining a larger customer base.

  • Gluten-Free Pizzas Provide Deliciousness and Nutrition
  • Offers Customers More Choice & Variety
  • Opens the Door to Gaining a Larger Customer Base
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4. “A Pizza For Everyone – A Game Changer in the Pizza Marketplace”

Pizza – a fast food staple, a treat enjoyed by all ages. But over time, the pizza marketplace has become increasingly more niche, dominated by independent pizzerias which offer a more limited selection of flavors and experiences. Until now.

With the launch of “A Pizza For Everyone”, the pizza landscape has changed forever. Their unique approach puts customers in control, offering customizable, one-of-a-kind pizzas tailored to any taste. Better yet, their revolutionary, “works of pizza” are available from a variety of outlets, from supermarkets to independent stores. And with no subscription needed, everyone can get in on the action.

  • A Unique Product: No two pies are the same – customers can select from an array of fresh, delicious ingredients to make a pizza that’s totally delicious and truly unique.
  • Convenience: Available from multiple locations, “A Pizza For Everyone” provides convenience at a fraction of the cost of traditional pizza delivery.
  • Affordable Prices: Their no-contract, build-your-own strategy has slashed prices, making “A Pizza For Everyone” the go-to option for pizza lovers on a budget.

This game-changing concept is the perfect solution for pizza lovers looking to enjoy something different. With “A Pizza For Everyone”, they can get exactly what they want – a classic flavor, a unique combination, or something entirely new – without breaking the bank. The pizza marketplace is now more diverse and inclusive than ever.

5. “A Healthy Choice for those Avoiding Gluten”

Are you looking for a super delicious gluten-free snack option? You don’t have to sacrifice on yummy treats, not with this humble recipe in play!

There’s a fantastic alternative to gluten-filled snacks that you’ll absolutely love. Have a go at this amazing and easy-to-follow homemade gluten-free trail mix! It’s a scrumptious and healthy snack that everyone of all ages will love. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cups of gluten-free cereal
  • 2 cups gluten-free pretzels
  • 1 cup dry roasted peanuts
  • 1 cup shredded coconut
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Once you’ve gathered all of the ingredients it’s time to put your trail mix together! First, preheat the oven to 200°F. Spread the gluten-free cereal, pretzels, peanuts and shredded coconut on a large cookie sheet and place in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes, stirring halfway through. Now it’s time to add the chocolate chips and cinnamon. Once everything is mixed together, let it cool and enjoy!

6. “Dominos Continues its Trend of Dietary Diversity”

Dominos has long been recognised as a frontrunner when it comes to fulfilling customers’ dietary needs. This outlook continues with the introduction of its latest ranges, which focus on giving consumers the ability to enjoy their pizza regardless of their dietary restrictions.

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Domino’s knows that having a variety of dietary choices is essential for customers and are proud of their efforts in continuing to keep their customers happy. To this end, their menu now includes everything from vegan, gluten-free and vegetarian pizzas to sides such as salads, garlic bread and potato wedges. They also have a variety of drinks, ranging from non-alcoholic beer to classic colas.

  • Their vegan range is made with a dairy-free cheese alternative.
  • Their gluten-free selection comes with a crust made from quinoa and spinach.
  • Their vegetarian selection includes a range of classic toppings

The Domino’s team have worked hard to make sure they can provide something for everyone and they are proud to be able to offer customers more choice when it comes to grabbing pizza that are full of flavour and made with quality ingredients.

7. “A Step Toward Modern Cuisine – Gluten-Free Pizza from Dominos”

Dominos Offers Taste and Health Benefits with Gluten-Free Pizza

Dominos wasn’t slow to join the revolution of offering gluten-free pizzas as a modern culinary option, and now they have produced a pizza that won’t leave coeliac, or gluten-sensitive, customers underwhelmed. Their gluten-free pizza is available across the U.S. and Canada, promising deliciousness and health benefits.

The gluten-free pizza is made with a crust made with ancient grains, and while the ingredients are completely free from gluten, they promise all the taste and texture of a regular pizza. The dough is prepared and cooked separately to avoid any chance of cross-contamination. Popular toppings like pepperoni and beef are available, as are vegan options. Other benefits of this gluten-free pizza include:

  • Improved metabolism
  • Lower inflammation
  • Reduced bloating
  • More energy

The traditional pizza experience is now available to everybody with Dominos’ gluten-free option. True pizza fans can now know they can enjoy delicious and healthful pizzas without compromising on taste, texture, or convenience. The introduction of this gluten-free option is a massive step towards expanding the range of options available in modern cuisine.

8. “The Finest Selection Of Ingredients Make For An Exceptional Gluten-Free Pizza”

A fresh gluten-free pizza is a delicious treat, and the finest ingredients can make ours stand out from the rest. Our crusts are crafted with delicious flavors and an unbeatable texture. We use a unique gluten-free mixture that enables us to perfectly bake the crusts with a fantastic balance between crunchy and airy.

We finish our pizzas with an amazing selection of ingredients to create the ultimate taste experience. We start with the freshest organic tomatoes that are hand-selected from the finest farmers, and then top them with our artisan mozzarella, succulent meats, and crisp vegetables. We then add herbs for an extra layer of flavor, creating a pizza that is truly second to none.

  • Rich and flavorful crusts that are light and airy
  • Fresh, hand-selected ingredients
  • Organic tomatoes for the perfect topping
  • Artisan mozzarella for a creamy finish
  • A carefully selected blend of herbs for an extra layer of flavor

Our gluten-free pizza is a delight for any foodie. You won’t be disappointed when you try our perfect blend of quality ingredients and cooking techniques.

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9. “Taste The Difference – Gluten-Free Pizza at Dominos”

Take your taste buds on a delicious journey with Dominos! The popular pizza giant now also offers gluten-free pizzas, so you don’t have to miss out anymore on Italian favorites. Get a tasty gluten-free small pizza and taste the authentic Italian flavor.

Created with the best gluten-free ingredients, the carefully crafted gluten-free small pizza is sure to fulfill your pizza needs. Here are the benefits you get when choosing Dominos’ gluten-free offering:

  • Delicious taste and texture
  • High-quality gluten-free ingredients
  • Crisp and soft, freshly made crust
  • Loads of toppings to choose from

For the perfect pizza night, choose the gluten-free option from Dominos. Experience the amazing taste of a pizza made just for you – one that everyone in the family can enjoy.

10. “Making Deliciousness Accessible to Everyone – Dominos Gluten-Free Pizza

Dominos has made deliciousness accessible to everyone, with their latest offering – gluten-free pizza. Gluten-free diets are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to health-conscious individuals and the occasional dietary restriction. Dominos’ gluten-free pizza is here to make sure that everyone can enjoy their pizza nights, without having to worry about gluten allergies.

The gluten-free pizza is specially made with an exclusive gluten-free crust, so people can treat themselves without having to worry about the side effects of gluten-based products. There’s so much more to discover with this delicious offering, including a variety of topping options, so you can choose whatever makes your tastebuds happy and create an amazing pizza. Here’s what you can expect when you order this deliciousness:

  • Dairy- and Gluten-Free Crust
  • Wide variety of Toppings
  • Prices Comparable with Regular Pizzas

Whether you’re trying it for the first time or a returning fan, Dominos’ gluten-free pizza is sure to leave you wanting more and everyone at the table feeling satisfied. The next time you’re looking for a delicious meal that caters for dietary restrictions, look no further than Dominos! It’s truly a delicious blessing that Dominos is now offering a gluten-free option. Who knew that pizza could be both delicious and accessible to those with a gluten-free diet? So don’t delay, get your hands on a Dominos gluten-free pizza today and taste the difference. Bon Appetit!