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Pizza nights just got a whole lot better for those who have to stick to a gluten-free diet. Domino’s Pizza, the world’s largest pizza chain, has just added a gluten-free pizza option to their menu. This marks a major breakthrough for those living a gluten-free lifestyle and further shows how quickly times are changing.
Times Are Changing: Gluten-Free Domino's Pizza Now Available

1. Pizza Revolution: Domino’s Introduces Gluten-Free Pies

In the ongoing journey of bringing revolutionary change to the world of pizza, Domino’s is proud to present the introduction of its very much-touted Gluten-Free Pies. For all the pizza afficianados out there who have been waiting for a delicious meal without the usual glut of flour, the wait is finally over!

The wide range of options available to customers is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. There’s the classic Margherita, the speciality BBQ Steak and Cheese, the spicy cajun-inspired Louisiana Chicken, as well as the unique Thai-style chicken. Customers are free to go completely gluten-free, opt for a base made with gluten-free ingredients, or even add a gluten-free topping!

  • Tantalizing Pizza Varieties – Featuring classic varieties as well as unique options, this is every pizza-lover’s dream come true!
  • Complete Gluten-Freedom – Domino’s offers customers an entirely gluten-free menu for a truly pleasurable experience.
  • Add Gluten-Free Toppings – Upgrade your pizza with gluten-free add-ons for an extra dash of flavour!

1. Pizza Revolution: Domino's Introduces Gluten-Free Pies

2. Showcasing Sensitivity to Consumers With Celiac Disease

When catering to customers with celiac disease, every detail matters. Awareness and understanding of the disease is necessary to comply with consumers’ dietary restrictions. Businesses and establishments must be proactive in ensuring their premises are friendly, accessible and safe to those with celiac disease.

To help customers with the condition, businesses should be open to committing to the following steps:

  • Establish best practices: Performing a rigorous review of ingredients, detailing thorough food handling processes, and informing staff about the implications of gluten contamination.
  • Ensure comprehensibility: Offering separate menus for those with gluten allergies, establishing a clear and intuitive layout to ensure safe menu selection decisions, and providing all relevant information about ingredients, nutritional values and other considerations.
  • Creating a safe environment: Ensuring the dusting and cleaning procedures of operating equipment removes the risk of cross-contamination while making sure each dish is completely gluten free.

By accurately responding to the medical needs of those with celiac disease, businesses will not only gain the loyalty and trust of their consumers, but also acquire a good reputation and help an underserved community in the process.

2. Showcasing Sensitivity to Consumers With Celiac Disease

3. Enjoying The Classic Taste of Pizza Without The Gluten

Explore New Gluten-free Pizzas

Just because you are avoiding gluten doesn’t mean you have to forgo the savory taste of pizza. Carve out some deliciousness with gluten-free pizzas that does not lack the flavor of conventional pizzas. From cauliflower crust pizza to veggie-infused personal pies, there are plenty of options to explore in the world of gluten-free pizza.

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An Array of Toppings: Feel free to top up your pizza with your favorite ingredients. Meat lovers can enjoy regular pepperoni, sausage, bacon and ham. While vegetarians can indulge in broccoli, olives, spinach, mushrooms and artichoke hearts. For creative construction, go wild with pineapple and jalapeno for a spicy-sweet experience.

Saucy Combinations: Round out your masterpiece with a variety of sauces. White or red sauce both go great on your gluten-free pizza. Additionally, you can experiment with some flavorful cheese. Mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta are all excellent choices. If you are looking for something unexpected, a delectable pesto or bbq sauces are also possible.

  • Create inventive combinations with gluten-free crusted pizza.
  • Choose from an abundance of meats and vegetables to garnish your pie.
  • Dazzle your taste buds with a variety of sauces and cheeses.

Fret not, lovers of Italian cuisine. Gluten-free pizza still packs the same robust flavor of a regular pizza. Just be sure to check the ingredients, especially if ordering takeout. Enjoy the delightful taste of pizza without the gluten. Bon appétit!

4. The Great Re-Design: Crafting A New Standard for Pizza

At Pizzeria di Billy’s, we knew it was time to get to work. We wanted to create a pizza that went way beyond the ordinary – something that was innovative, something that was special. We decided to start from the crust and work our way up, crafting a unique flavour and texture that was like nothing else.

  • A secret dough reversal technique yields light and crispy results.
  • A traditional stone oven setup with a few modern touches.
  • Fresh-picked mozzarella and delicious handmade sauces.

In the end we arrived at something truly sensational: a pizza experience that redefines what it means to be “great”. It’s a regular sight around here now: customers exclaiming in delight as they take their first bite, the satisfying crunch of a perfect crust, the smooth and wonderful tastes of the finest ingredients. There’s no going back now; we’ve crafted a new standard in pizza perfection here at Pizzeria di Billy’s.

5. Understanding the Challenge of Delivering Gluten-Free Pizza

Producing gluten-free pizza isn’t as simple as sticking with wheat-based dough and avoiding gluten-packed ingredients. When creating a gluten-free pizza, you must also be aware of kitchen cross-contamination and other potential risks. With that in mind, here are some tips on :

  • Avoiding Cross-Contamination – Establish kitchen procedures to reduce potential cross-contamination between gluten-free and regular ingredients. This includes separate counter-top surfaces, dedicated utensils, and an entire separate pizza oven to bake gluten-free pizzas.
  • Labeling – Clearly label all gluten-free pizzas to ensure that customers know which pizzas are gluten-free and which are not.
  • Educate Employees – Educate employees about gluten-free pizza, including the risk of cross-contamination, safe storage and handling procedures, and date tagging of ingredients.

By understanding the challenge of producing gluten-free pizza, you can mitigate the risks and avoid putting your customers at risk. With careful planning, clear labeling, and employee education, you can make sure that your gluten-free pizzas are as tasty and safe as their wheat-based counterparts.

6. An Unprecedented Step Forward for Fast Food Pizza

The Future of Fast Food Pizza is Here

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The fast food pizza industry is taking an unprecedented step forward. Pizza lovers are getting a taste of the future, with the introduction of new tech that is transforming the humble pizza.

  • First comes the introduction of robot-powered delivery vehicles. These innovative robots are able to negotiate any type of terrain, from narrow suburban streets to hilly off-road terrain.
  • Next is the introduction of 3D-printed pizza crusts that allow users to choose their own thickness and ingredients.
  • Finally, virtual reality pizzerias are being developed, where you can order your pizzas without ever leaving your living room.

Together, these advances are revolutionizing the pizza industry and ensuring that fast food pizza remains a fan-favorite. Customers are now able to enjoy personalized pizzas, delivered quickly and safely to their door. There’s no telling what other innovations the future may bring.

7. Overhauling the Traditional Domino’s Menu to Accommodate Celiac Disease

Celiac disease: Domino’s menu revamp
At Domino’s we understand the importance of catering for all of our customers. Now, we’re overhauling our menu to accommodate those with Celiac Disease. Our new menu options are specifically designed to be safe and enjoyable for our gluten-free customers.

Our easy-to-navigate menu provides a clear vision of the new Domino’s options available to those with Celiac Disease. Whether you’re ordering online or in-store, you’ll be able to identify the gluten free options with ease. You can now enjoy:

  • Gluten-free crust
  • Vegetables and sauces free-from gluten
  • Cheese, pepperoni, and other gluten-free toppings

All of our gluten-free menu items are 100% free from gluten, and are indicated with a G icon. We’ve also included a list of allergen information on the menu page, so you can always make an informed decision.

In addition to the expanded menu for our gluten-free customers, we are committed to providing nutritional information to ensure everyone can make informed decisions about their meals. We strive to go above and beyond conventional standards and ensure that our customers dining with us always have a delicious and safe experience.

8. Fan Favorites Reimagined For The Gluten-Free Generation

Thanks to the gluten-free revolution, time-tested favorites are now available in wheat-free versions. From pizza to pancakes, it’s easy to find delicious gluten-free versions of classic favorite dishes. Here are 8 fan favorites that have been reimagined for the gluten-free generation:

  • Gluten-Free Pizza – Enjoy all your favorite toppings on a gluten-free crust.
  • Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese – Enjoy this classic comfort food without the gluten.
  • Gluten-Free Pasta – Spaghetti, Lobster ravioli, and Fettuccine are now available in gluten-free versions.

For breakfast, there’s a plethora of gluten-free options to choose from. From pancakes and waffles, to oatmeal cookies and muffins, you can start the day off right with a gluten-free meal. And don’t forget about desserts! Brownies, ice-cream cones, and even donuts are just some of the delicious treats that are now available in wheat-free versions.

  • Gluten-Free Cupcakes – Enjoy moist and fluffy cupcakes without any wheat.
  • Gluten-Free Cookies – Enjoy a variety of cookies made with gluten-free flour.
  • Gluten-Free Cheesecake – Rich and creamy cheesecake made without any wheat.

9. Expanding Dietary Options: Making Pizza Accessible to All

For many, pizza is a universal favorite, with everyone from little kids to adults loving the combination of salty, cheesy, delicious toppings on top of a crispy dough. But for those with dietary restrictions or allergies, enjoying a slice of delicious pizza isn’t always an option. That’s why it’s so important to expand dietary options and make pizza accessible to all.

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There are numerous ways of customizing pizza recipes to make them accessible to more people. Developing recipes with alternative flours such as buckwheat, corn, quinoa and even teff is a great way to make pizzas gluten-free. For vegan pizzas, there are a variety of delectable vegan cheese alternatives such as soy cheese, cashew cheese, and even vegan feta. Topped off with kale, peppers, mushrooms and other vegetables, these pizzas are sure to please even the most health-conscious pizza lover.

  • Gluten-free alternatives: using alternative flours such as buckwheat, corn, quinoa and teff.
  • Vegan options: including vegan cheese alternatives such as soy cheese, cashew cheese and vegan feta.
  • Toppings: adding vegetables like kale, peppers and mushrooms.

10. A New Era of Gluten-Free Pizza is Here to Stay

Pizza has been a beloved treat for many years, but now it can also be enjoyed by those with gluten sensitivities and allergies. A new era of gluten-free pizza has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

Gluten-free pizzas are made with alternative ingredients like tapioca flour, almond flour and coconut flour that replace the traditional wheat flour used in regular pizzas. They come in various amounts of “gluten-free-ness” – from pizzas that replace the wheat flour with gluten-free-friendly flours, to pizzas that are completely wheat- and gluten-free.

What can you expect from these new gluten-free options?

  • Flavorful crusts – new flours used in the gluten-free versions bring the same crunch and flavor as traditional pizza dough.
  • Variety of toppings– make your pizza just the way you like it with a wide array of meat, veggies, herbs and sauces.
  • Quality ingredients – gluten-free pizzas are made with fresh, quality ingredients that provide nutrients and satisfy your hunger.

Whether you’re dining in, ordering takeout or making it at home, gluten-free pizza is now a delectable option for everyone. It’s setting a new standard for pizza, and it’s here to stay!

Say goodbye to your gluten-free pizza woes, as Dominos has just unveiled their new delicious gluten-free pies. With thin crusts, lip-smacking sauces, and sensational flavour combinations, these pizzas will be a surefire hit. So, grab a slice or two of this tasty treat, and enjoy the one thing everybody can agree on – delicious pizza!