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Popeyes, the beloved Louisiana-style eatery, just announced that they are joining the world of vegan eats! For meat-eaters and vegans alike, Popeyes’ latest menu addition comes with a fresh take on some classic meals. Get ready to sink your teeth into this delicious new plant-based addition!
Popeyes Goes Vegan: New Options for Everyone

1. Veganizing the South: Popeyes Goes Plant-Based

Popeyes has stepped up its game and given vegans a chance to indulge too. The fast-food favorite recently unveiled a brand new plant-based chicken sandwich that is sure to hit the spot. Here’s what you need to know about the sandwich:

  • No animal products used
  • Made from soy and wheat protein
  • Contains classic Popeyes seasonings

The sandwich is served with a vegan bun and topped with tangy pickles and “majestic” vegan mayonnaise sauce. Vegan mayo isn’t the only plant-based condiment you’ll find – you can add vegan hot sauce, too. Additionally, customers can swap out regular fries with a vegan side option at no extra cost. A hearty meal with no animal-products needed – pretty amazing, isn’t it?

1. Veganizing the South: Popeyes Goes Plant-Based

2. A Delicious Shift in the Menu: New Entrées at Popeyes

Popeyes new entrées are sure to shake up the menu. As the fried chicken king, Popeyes has set the bar for tasty, delicious chicken dishes. Now, they’ve gone and made dinner even better!

Introducing New Entrées
The menu gets a delicious twist with the new entrées. The savory Southern-style chicken dishes include:

  • Chicken Supreme Tenders
  • Chicken Supreme Sandwich
  • Spicy Ranch Tenders
  • Spicy Ranch Sandwich

Each entrée is packed with flavor and comes with a side order of fries. Moreover, you can choose from their selection of flavorful dipping sauces such as barbecue, ranch or honey mustard. Whether you’re in the mood for finger licking good fried chicken or crave something a bit more zesty, Popeyes has you covered!

2. A Delicious Shift in the Menu: New Entrées at Popeyes

3. Meatless Mondays: Exciting Opportunities for Vegans and Vegetarians

Vegan and vegetarian diets are exploding in popularity, meaning there are more opportunities to find delicious, plant-based meals than ever before. Meatless Monday is a great way to expand the options of what you can eat, without having to go completely vegan or vegetarian.

The beauty of Meatless Monday is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you want! Not a fan of complicated recipes? Simple options like quinoa, beans, kale, or mushroom-based dishes are delicious and easy to make. On the other hand, if you’re feeling adventurous, then you can easily create something flavorful and filling. Think roasted cauliflower, portobello tacos, seitan stir-fries, and lentil burgers. With so many choices, it’s almost impossible to not find something that you’ll love.

  • Quinoa
  • Beans
  • Kale
  • Mushroom-based dishes
  • Roasted cauliflower
  • Portobello tacos
  • Seitan stir-fries
  • Lentil burgers
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4. Expanding Dietary Preferences: How Popeyes is Accommodating Everyone

Today’s dining experience is about more than just what’s listed on the menu—it’s about taking into account a person’s dietary preferences. Fortunately, Popeyes® has a solution that is accommodating everyone.

The fast-food chain recently announced a vegetarian version of its iconic chicken sandwich. It features a non-breaded, red bean patty that comes with all the traditional Popeyes® toppings. Vegans and vegetarians rejoice, as this option provides a delicious plant-based alternative.

Popeyes® is also offering a variety of special sides. Highlights include:

  • Apple Pie Minis – Individual desserts provide the perfect sweet treat.
  • Mashed Potatoes with Cajun Style Gravy – Not your traditional mashed potatoes and gravy.
  • Coleslaw – Get the perfect combination of crunch and creamy flavors in one bite.
  • Mac & Cheese – A classic comfort food side.

By adding more options to their menu, Popeyes® is making sure that all diners are considered, no matter what their preference. This allows for everyone to enjoy the iconic Popeyes® flavors, no matter how they choose to eat.

5. Follow the Leader: Joining a Growing Trend of Fast-Food Chains Going Vegan

In a delicious summer surprise, fast-food chains around the world are embracing vegan options. Though not quite a new trend, the movement is gaining traction quickly. Burger King, White Castle, and Tim Horton’s have all recently added plant-based burgers to their menus, ushering in an age of vegan-friendly fast-food.

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! No long will you have to struggle through meal times, searching for a suitable alternative. Now, you can join the trend and experience all the flavors of fast-food without the meat. The benefits are huge. For example:

  • A wider range of options at fast-food joints
  • High-protein and vibrant combos
  • Environmentally friendly option – no animal products
  • Great tasting plant-based burgers – some made with Beyond Meat patties

The vegan-fast food trend is only getting bigger, so get in while you can. The time is now to join the ever-growing vegan movement! Don’t miss the chance to try out these amazing, savory, vegan burgers.

6. Scanning the Menu: A Look at the New Vegan Offerings at Popeyes

Southern Louisiana cuisine has been made famous by the indulgent and flavorful dishes that you can find at any street corner or food joint. But plenty of people throughout the country are jumping on the vegan diet bandwagon and even the most iconic eatery in the South, Popeyes, is offering up some vegan-friendly options. Without a doubt, their menu is going to have some stand-outs.

Let’s take a dive into Popeyes’ new vegan offerings. The Red Beans and Rice Bowl definitely is at the top of the list. It features red beans cooked in Cajun spices, mixed in with white rice, and topped with a blend of sweet pickles, onions and bell peppers. And, to top it off, you can choose to have it made with vegan tomato sauce. What a delicious delight. Another favorite is their Black Bean Burger, which comes with a veggie patty, vegan mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles served on a warm, toasted roll. Yummy!

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7. Putting the Taste Test to the Food: What Do Customers Think?

It’s one thing to ask professional food critics and restaurant reviewers to give their opinion on new dishes and menu items, but what do customers actually think? As a restaurant, it’s important to gauge feedback from the people that are actually going to be paying for the food you provide. After all, the number one goal for any food business is to keep customers coming back for more.

To do this, restaurants use their customers as their own personal taste-testers and invite them to give their opinion of the food before it hits the menu. An anonymous survey could be a good starting point, but for the most comprehensive results, hosting a taste-test is the way to go. This should include everything from the appetizers to the entrees as well as desserts and drinks.

  • Provide a variety of options: Offer a range of different dishes, accompanied by an ask to rate the taste.
  • Include rating scale: Provide an easy-to-follow format or scale that customers can use to rate the food.
  • Stick to the same area: Have the taste-test in the same spot in your restaurant, like a back room or quiet corner.

8. Convenience and Variety: Making Vegan Options Easily Available

Veganism offers an ethical and healthier way of living, but it can also be expensive and difficult to find suitable ingredients. Grocery stores and restaurants across the country have started stocking vegan items and creating vegan menus, which is a major boon for those adhering to a vegan lifestyle. Here are a few advantages of convenience and variety that this offers:

  • Budget friendly: With more vegan items easily accessible in major grocery stores, it is much more wallet-friendly to keep up a balanced vegan diet. Gone are the days of trekking to specialty stores for expensive vegan items.
  • Goodbye inconvenience: It is no longer necessary to plan meals in advance, or stress about what is available to make when you’re out. Stocking up on vegan essentials like plant-based milk, meat alternatives and other vegan-friendly ingredients is an easy affair.
  • Vast array of options: Grocery stores and restaurants are pushing the boundaries of vegan cuisine, offering a number of creative meal options. This opens up the door to traditional cuisine from around the world, making it easier to explore a variety of dishes without compromising vegan ethics.

Providing convenience and variety to vegan diets is beneficial not only to those following this lifestyle, but it will also encourage more people to explore the vegan lifestyle and reap the health rewards that come with it. The increased availability of vegan items does not just benefit those who have adopted a vegan lifestyle – it is helping to make veganism more mainstream across the country.

9. Going Global: Popeyes’ Impact on Plant-Based Diets Across the World

Popeyes has long been seen as an industry leader in the fast-food space and its impact on plant-based diets around the world has been phenomenal. From expanding its menu to include vegan options to launching ground-breaking campaigns that increase awareness of how sustainable diets can benefit our planet, Popeyes continues to motivate its customers to make positive changes.

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One of the first countries to experience the impact was India. Since announcing their commitment to shift towards plant-based diets, Popeyes has sponsored and promoted a number of educational campaigns to increase awareness of the benefits. They’ve also encouraged more of their Indian customers to adopt plant-based diets and start eating nutritious vegan items. Popeyes’ efforts have gone further, introducing many new vegan-friendly items like ‘Beyond Meat’ to their menus all over the country.

In addition, Popeyes also takes action outside of India to promote vegan eating. Their research and mastery of flavor combinations featuring plant-based proteins have resulted in a range of tasty vegan alternatives available to their customers in different parts of the world. This has encouraged more people to try vegan recipes and explore the benefits, making Popeyes an ambassador for plant-based diets globally.

10. What’s the Future of Popeyes and its Vegan Options?

Popeyes entered the vegan scene to much fanfare with their release of the Beyond Fried Chicken, a vegan alternative to the traditional fried poultry. The sandwich has been well received, and more vegan items can be expected from the fast food chain. The Beyond Burger is the likely candidate for a vegan patty; however, Popeyes could introduce something entirely new.

Popeyes isn’t pulling any punches in the vegan revolution and has ambitious plans for the future. Industry experts predict more vegan offerings in the form of salads and wrap sandwiches, crisply battered Beyond Fish, as well as plant-based resources for proteins and proteins in-store. Popeyes could even become the first fast-food chain to offer vegan buffets and pre-prepared meals alongside its usual menu. Whatever the future holds, one thing is certain: Popeyes is heading down a plant-based path, providing delicious vegan alternatives for everyone to enjoy.

  • More vegan options
  • The Beyond Burger
  • Salads, wraps and pre-prepared meals
  • Vegan buffets

Eating cruelty-free is becoming more and more popular as people recognize its health and animal welfare benefits. With Popeyes making vegan choices available, there’s no doubt more people will decide to eat vegan—opening a new door of possibilities. Go ahead and try out some vegan options from Popeye’s today—good for your mind, body, and soul!