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When you think of Domino’s pizza, one of the first things that come to mind is the delicious, crusty deliciousness of its signature pies. But now Domino’s is making room for a new kind of pizza – one that’s gluten-free. The Domino’s story is one of inclusion and innovation, and it serves as a beacon to other companies looking to follow in its footsteps.
Making Room For Gluten Free: The Domino's Story

1. A Breadcrumb Trail to Gluten-Free: Domino’s Story

Gluten-free lifestyles have been on the rise in recent years, and one of the top pizza chains worldwide has taken notice. Domino’s Pizza is now offering a completely gluten-free menu in order to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs. For those looking for a delicious and safe meal, here’s what they can expect:

  • A Wide Selection of Pizzas: Domino’s gluten-free selection includes all their classic recipes, such as the iconic Pepperoni, Cheese, and Mediterranean Veggie. Plus, an array of toppings and sauces make for a customized experience.
  • High-Quality Gluten-Free Crusts: All of Domino’s gluten-free pizzas come with their own specialized crusts. Made with high-quality ingredients and with extra care to exclude gluten, these crusts are just as delicious and flavorful as the regular options.

Domino’s is constantly looking for new ways to accommodate different lifestyles and help everyone still enjoy great-tasting food. With the increasingly popular gluten-free options, they have certainly delivered a delicious, safe, and accessible meal that everyone can enjoy.
1. A Breadcrumb Trail to Gluten-Free: Domino’s Story

2. The Unstoppable Rise of the Gluten-Free Diet

The gluten-free diet is undoubtedly the trendiest diet of the century. It has become so popular, so quickly, that it has taken the world by storm and gluten-free fans seem to be everywhere. No matter if it’s for health, lifestyle or weight-management reasons, more and more people start to opt for a gluten-free diet every day.

The accessibility of gluten-free food is a huge factor for the increase in popularity of this diet. Specialty gluten-free products, such as:

  • Breads
  • Pastas
  • Cereals

can now be found easily in bigger supermarkets and food stores, while many restaurants have also started to include gluten-free meals in their menus. Gluten-free has evolved so much during the recent years, that you no longer have to restriction yourself to a small variety of food in order to avoid gluten. Tasty, varied, and gluten-free meals have slowly become more and more accessible and enjoyable.

2. The Unstoppable Rise of the Gluten-Free Diet

3. Domino’s Toasts to Allergy-Friendly Success

Tastes That Make Allergies Disappear

Domino’s, America’s number one pizza restaurant, is proud to announce that the majority of its pizzas can now be ordered in an allergy-friendly form. By omitting the traditional cheese and including non-dairy cheese and gluten-free dough, Domino’s is able to foster a pizza experience that’s both delicious and safe.

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Long gone are the days of not being able to enjoy pizza due to unique dietary restrictions. For those with allergies, Domino’s offers a wide selection of options, ranging from fries and Old Bay Chicken to home-style marinara and black olives. Some customers can even choose to ditch the traditional dough for the cauliflower crust or wheat-based option.

Not to mention, Domino’s is keeping its plant-based ingredients in top condition—ensuring its pizzas are just as healthy as ever. From vegan cheese to fake pepperoni, Domino’s is maintaining its dominance in taking allergen-friendly food to the next level. Here’s what customers can look forward to:

  • Gluten-free crust
  • Non-dairy cheese
  • Plant-based protein
  • Vegan cheese
  • Cauliflower crust

Domino’s has now made it easier than ever to order great tasting meals without worrying about allergens. So go ahead, taste test Domino’s new selection, and happy toasting!

4. From Pizza Crusts to Garlic Bread – Allergens No More

Pizza crusts, garlic bread and all the accompaniments to your favorite Italian dishes – who doesn’t love them? For those with allergies, however, the real concern is the allergen content that often put a damper on their meals.

For an allergy-friendly alternative to traditional Italian sides, consider one of these delicious garlic-infused dishes – all completely free of allergens. No gluten, nuts, dairy or soy – just pure, delicious flavor, without the issues.

  • Garlic Herb Cheese Breadsticks
  • Garlic Basil Bread Croutons
  • Garlic Oregano Bread Bowls
  • Garlic Toasted French Bread
  • Garlic Roasted Polenta Squares

You can easily find recipes for all these dishes online, and make them in your own kitchen, or source from local bakeries or Italian restaurants.

Worried about the calories? Keep your ingredients vegan and healthy, and full of alternative herbs and spices for pure indulgence and free-from peace of mind.

5. Recipe for Success: How Domino’s Tailored Their Menu

Anyone who has ever stepped into a Domino’s store knows one thing – they’re the ones who made pizza a globally beloved food. If you ask any Domino’s pizza lover, they’ll tell you why they got hooked on their pies:

  • A Variety of Uniquely Delicious Taste Combinations: From generous helpings of cheese to their signature blends of spices and sauces, Domino’s perfected their menu to offer a wide selection of combos that keep customers coming back for more.
  • A Menu Made for Everyone: Domino’s ensures their menu caters to the needs of different diets and palates – offering vegan pizzas, low carb crusts, and gluten free options.

Because Domino’s put the customer first, they’re one of the most popular pizza chains in the world. Their recipe for success teaches us that customization and variety is key when it comes to customer satisfaction.

6. Dishing Out Allergen-Free Cuisine with Flair

Cooking up allergen-free dishes is no simple task. Achieving a flavourful, restaurant-quality meal certainly deserves some recognition.

Foodies of all creeds will relish the opportunity to have flawless, exceptional cuisine that not only tastes exquisite, but also is meticulously safe for those with food sensitivities.

  • Flavourful Offerings
  • You don’t need any common allergens to cook up a delectable meal!
  • From uncommon spices to exploration of global cuisine, discovering a dish that will tantalize the taste buds is always possible.
  • Unique Experience
  • Nothing says “special occasion” like dining out without worrying about potential allergies.
  • Including everyone at the table is a pleasure, so they can enjoy brand new flavours as a group.
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7. How Customers at Risk Reaped the Benefit of Gluten-Free

1. What is Gluten-Free?

Gluten-free foods are those that are free from any proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye. These foods generally contain alternative grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, and millet, to substitute wheat-based products. Foods labeled gluten-free may also contain oats that have been processed free of contamination with other grains that contain gluten. This makes them a popular option for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergies.

2. Benefits of Gluten-Free

For those with medical conditions, gluten-free foods offer a variety of potential health benefits. These can include:

  • Improved digestion, as gluten-free foods are easier to digest than foods containing gluten.
  • Improved nutrient absorption, as nutrients are better absorbed in gluten-free foods than in those containing gluten.
  • Reduced inflammation, as gluten can trigger inflammation in the gut.
  • Reduced risk of certain autoimmune diseases, as gluten can exacerbate certain conditions.

In addition to these benefits, gluten-free foods may also be helpful for those who are trying to lose weight, as they often contain more fiber and fewer calories than their gluten-containing counterparts.

8. The Platter Revolution – “Tasting the Difference”

Tasting the Difference: The platter revolution is an exciting new trend that has taken the foodie world by storm. Now, you can enjoy the same great flavors without having to grapple with all of the added carbs, sugars and preservatives found in your traditional takeout or restaurant options. Platter companies are offering modern, healthier alternatives to traditional platters.

These platters offer the same amazing flavor profiles, but in a less-calorie, more nutritious format. Think of it as taking your favorite takeout and giving it a fresh, healthy makeover! From vegan and pescatarian options to indulgent dishes crafted with whole grains and superfoods, platter companies are giving foodies the chance to experience delicious flavors while still eating in a more healthy and balanced way.

9. Charting the Course of Gluten-Free Domino’s

When the idea that food delivery could make the transition to gluten-free goods first came to Dominos’s attention, they weren’t sure what would happen next. How could they transition food so in-demand to a different set of standards?

The Plan:

  • Find the existing gluten-free items that worked with existing products.
  • Research and source new ingredients for their gluten-free products.
  • Design a new menu for gluten-free offerings.
  • Transition existing kitchen processes to accommodate the new menu.

This process was no small feat. Dominos had to find ways to give customers more options while ensuring that any new items they added to the menu were not only delicious and safe, but able to satisfy their current customers as well. To accomplish these goals, Dominos worked with an array of food scientists and nutritional experts to develop a new menu specifically for gluten-free pizza.

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When the menu was complete, training for the company’s staff ensued. Employees were given specific instructions on how to prepare and serve the new menu items, and additional resources were given to those responsible for preparing the gluten-free ingredients. With the careful oversight of trained professionals, Dominos finally had a gluten-free menu that could be offered to customers with absolute confidence.

10. Joining With Allies to Make a Gluten-Free World

Gluten-free living is becoming relatively easy with more options available in stores and restaurants. As a result, more people are able to join the gluten-free community and find comfort in shared resources, knowledge and advocacy. To help make this world even better for our community and those affected by gluten sensitivity, we need the help of our allies. Here are a few ways that allies can help:

  • Educate Others: By informing friends, family and colleagues about gluten-free living, those not directly affected by gluten can help reduce stigma and raise awareness.
  • Support Research: As the science behind gluten-free living continues to develop, allies can help with fundraising and awareness campaigns to support research into better options for those with celiac disease.
  • Change Public Policy: Allies also can help lobby governments and businesses to create policies that enable easier and more widespread access to safe, gluten-free options.

It is inspiring to see so many allies come together and form strong relationships to advance the gluten-free cause. Joining forces, we can make the gluten-free world a better, more inclusive and accessible place for us all.

By introducing several tasty gluten-free options and providing a safe environment to dine in, Domino’s is leading the way in creating an inclusive, dining-out experience for those with dietary restrictions. Their commitment to accessibility and creating a positive, helpful experience for all customers is something that deserves to be praised and emulated by other companies. So, next time you’re in the mood for pizza, let Domino’s show you how great it can be, gluten-free and all.