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Nothing says summer like a juicy steak sizzling on the grill. But what if you could bring those savory flavors to your summer cookout in a unique and healthy way? Get ready to make a splash at your next cookout with these delicious and unexpected Grill Watermelon Steaks!
Grilling Up Some Delicious Watermelon Steaks

1. Let’s Grill Up Some Delicious Watermelon Steaks

Watermelon steaks are fast becoming a favorite outdoor grilling dish this summer. And it’s easy to see why – juicy, sweet watermelon combined with smoky charcoal-grilled flavor is an incredibly tasty combination. Here’s how to enjoy this sweet and savory dish at your next summer gathering.

  • Start by cutting the watermelon into steaks. Aim for approximately 1 1/2 inch thick slices.
  • Place the watermelon slices directly on the grill. Cook on one side for approximately 4 minutes, or until grill marks appear.
  • Flip the watermelon slices and cook on the other side until grill marks appear again, taking care not to overcook
    and make the watermelon too mushy.
  • Lastly, season the steaks with your favorite spices – some garlic powder, a bit of chili powder, and salt to taste.

Enjoy your delicious watermelon steaks! Serve them warm off the grill, or chill in the fridge and enjoy them with a light salad or as a sweet summer side dish. Grilled watermelon steaks make a great addition to any outdoor BBQ.

2. Benefits of Grilled Watermelon Steaks

Grilled watermelon steaks are a delicious and healthy way to enjoy the sweet and juicy fruits of summer. Eating watermelon is known to help reduce the risk of certain health issues and the grilled version brings out all the flavours in the fruit. Here are some of the :

  • Vitamins and Minerals: Eating grilled watermelon steaks is a great way to get important vitamins and minerals in your diet. Watermelon is packed with essential nutrients such as vitamin A and C, potassium, folate, as well as additional vitamins and minerals.
  • High Vitamin C: Watermelon is a great fruit for obtaining vitamin C, which is necessary for keeping your immune system functioning properly. Eating grilled watermelon steaks also boosts your body’s ability to absorb the vitamin C naturally found in the watermelon.
  • Great Taste: Grilled watermelon steaks have a unique and delicious taste that is much more enjoyable than uncooked watermelon. The combination of the smoky flavor from the grill, with the sweetness of the watermelon, creates a unique taste experience.
  • Low-Calorie Meal: Watermelon is a low-calorie food, providing only 46 calories per cup. This makes it ideal for those seeking to watch their weight, as eating grilled watermelon steak can fill you up without consuming excessive calories.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: Eating grilled watermelon steaks also helps you reap the benefits of the antioxidants found in watermelon, which helps the body fight against free radicals, which are responsible for the development of certain diseases.
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Grilled watermelon steaks are not only a delicious and healthy dish, but they can also fit into healthy meal plans with ease. The delicious taste of the fruit and the nutritional benefits make it a great addition to any meal.

3. Tips for Prepping the Watermelon Steaks

Prepping a Watermelon Steak is Easy

Slice the ends off of the watermelon so you have a cube. Then, cut the watermelon into 1-2 inch thick “steaks”. Depending on the size of the watermelon, your “steaks” should make about 6-10 cubes total. Cut off the rind from each piece of watermelon. There are a few ways to remove it, either holding the knife parallel with the surface, cutting it away in a downward motion, use a vegetable peeler. Make sure to get as much of the rind as possible, removing any remaining bitter white bits from the steak.

Once the steaks are cut and the rind is off, lightly brush each side with olive oil and season to taste. This is a great time to get creative with seasoning. You can use a combination of herbs and spices like: garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, salt, cumin, pepper, paprika etc. Grill the steaks over medium-high heat for 5-7 minutes until they reach the desired char level. Don’t forget to flip!

  • Slice the ends off the watermelon and cut into 1-2 inch thick “steaks”
  • Remove the rind
  • Lightly brush each side with olive oil and season
  • Grill over medium-high heat for 5-7 minutes

4. Selecting the Right Watermelon for the Job

With so many varieties available, choosing the right watermelon for the job can be overwhelming. There are some tips to help in making the right selection.

  • Shape: Oval, round, or other, make sure the watermelon is symmetric, without bruises, and has a matte finish.
  • Weight: A good watermelon will feel heavy for its size. Lighter ones may be under ripe and may not provide the sweetness you are after.
  • Thumping and Listening: Choose a watermelon with a hollow sound by thumping the underside. The sound should be deep and dull, otherwise it may not be ripe.

Watermelons can be a great addition to any barbequed meal, salad, or smoothie. Taking a few extra minutes to choose the right one can make all the difference to the outcome of the dish.

4. Selecting the Right Watermelon for the Job

5. Recommended Heat Levels for Grilling Watermelon

Medium heat is the key to grilling watermelon. For savory dishes like kebabs, it’s best to keep the heat between medium and high. This will ensure that the watermelon is cooked through and caramelized on the outside while still maintaining its juicy and tart sweetness. The following are some tips to help you get the best grill marks without burning your watermelon slices:

  • Preheat your grill to medium heat.
  • Make sure it’s clean and well-oiled so the watermelon won’t stick.
  • Place the watermelon slices directly on the grill.
  • Grill each side for about 3 minutes or until you get the desired char.
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Keep an eye on the heat as watermelon can easily burn with too much heat. If you want to add extra flavor to your watermelon slices, try adding a butter, lemon juice and brown sugar mixture before you place on the grill. This will caramelize the watermelon and give it a sweet-tart flavor that is perfect for kebabs.

6. What Sauce to Top Your Watermelon Steaks With?

Chances are, you’ve never thought of pouring sauces over watermelon steaks. But, why not? Let your taste buds explore and try something new!

If you’re up for a flavor-roller-coaster, here are some options sure to tickle your palate:

  • Tahini & Cumin: Make a tahini-lemon-cumin-chili oil mixture and drizzle it over grilled slices of watermelon for a flavor upgrade.
  • Mango & Coconut Cream: Blend mango, coconut cream, lime juice, mint leaves and honey and drizzle over your steaks. The tropical blend is perfect for spring and summer!
  • Mustard & Yellow Curry: Create a saucy blend of earthy mustard, yellow curry, miso, and lime juice to bring some spice to your watermelon.
  • Torched Orange & Honey: Halve and torch some juicy oranges, drizzle with honey and balsamic vinegar, and let the marinade cool before serving with your watermelon.

Mix and match your own flavors, add a sprinkle of herbs and turn your meals into mouthwatering masterpieces!

7. The Grill and Utensils You’ll Need

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the grill and fire up the coals, it’s important to understand the specific utensils you’ll need to create a delicious feast. To ensure safe operation and grill maintenance, check you’ve got the essentials, before starting the BBQ.

You’ll need a long-handled brush to keep your grate clean between food episodes. And if you’re grilling fish or vegetables, a grease-proof metal perforated platter keeps your meal from slipping into the coals. To flip patties and turn vegetables, metal tongs are essential. And for skewering, a metal or wooden shish kabob skewer works wonders. Finally, for the extremities of a sticky situation, a pair of heat-proof gloves keeps your hands from getting hurt.

  • Long-handled brush
  • Grease-proof metal perforated platter
  • Tongs
  • Shish kabob skewer
  • Heat-proof gloves.

7. The Grill and Utensils You'll Need

8. How to Grill Watermelon Steaks the Right Way

If you thought that grilling watermelon was only meant for a summer salad, think again – with these easy steps, you can make delicious, perfect watermelon steaks right on the grill.


  • Watermelon
  • Extra-virgin olive oil

Start by cutting the watermelon into 4-inch slices and brushing each side with your extra-virgin olive oil. Place the watermelon on a greased grill over medium-high heat to achieve those char marks. Grill each side for about 2 minutes, or until you get the desired level of grill marks. Once ready, season them with salt and your favorite spices. Serve them hot – inside a burger, on top of salads, or just as they are!

Watermelon steaks are fun and tasty – and an easy way to add more fruit to your meal. Enjoy the deliciousness!

9. Accompaniments That Go Well With Grilled Watermelon

Grilled watermelon can be a delicious and unique way to elevate your summer BBQ and impress your guests. To make the dish even more satisfying, here are some great accompaniments to try that go well with this unusual dish.

  • Salsa – the sweetness of the grilled watermelon pairs beautifully with a refreshing and chunky salsa. By adding anything from tomatoes and jalapenos, to black beans and corn, you’ll have a delicious and tangy pairing.
  • Cucumber salad – a cold, crunchy cucumber salad will add a freshness that cuts through the mesquite smoke. For a nice kick, add some Vidalia onions or spring onions.
  • Gorgonzola – rounds of creamy Gorgonzola takes the sweetness of the watermelon up a notch and makes for a delicious, complex flavor. Add a bit of balsamic vinegar, honey, and some freshly chopped rosemary for more balance and zest.
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These accompaniments are a great way to bring out the flavors of your dish and suffice as both an entree and dessert. Any BBQ should always be a great experience, and with these delicious accompaniments, your grilled watermelon will be the star of the show.

10. Enjoy Some Delicious Watermelon Steaks Tonight!

Tired of the same old grilled steak recipes? It’s time to add a summer twist to your backyard barbecues with delicious watermelon steaks! Whether you’re looking to cool down or just want to switch things up, grilled watermelon steak is the perfect way to enjoy a unique and tasty summertime meal.

  • Step 1: Start by cutting a watermelon into steaks approximately 1” thick.
  • Step 2: Brush each steak with olive oil and sprinkle with salt, pepper and other desired seasonings.
  • Step 3: Grill the steaks on medium-high heat for 3-4 minutes on each side.
  • Step 4: Remove from heat and top with feta cheese, fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Serve the steaks with some grilled vegetables on the side and you have a summertime meal that will have you licking your lips! Grilled watermelon steaks are an easy and delicious way to add some variety to your next outdoor cookout. So fire up the grill and

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and delicious meatless option for your next summer grill-out, why not try serve up some sizzlin’ succulent watermelon steaks? Delicious, fun to make, and they look super cool, too! Enjoy!