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Experience the Magic of 9 to 5: The Musical in Brisbane This Summer!

9 to 5: The Musical is an amazing and captivating musical that has captivated the hearts of audience members all over the world. Now, it is heading to Brisbane, and there is no better way to spend your summer than taking in the dazzling musical at its most perfect time. This musical is sure to transport you to a different world, with its wonderful music, vibrant costumes, and exciting story.

9 to 5: The Musical is a joyous adaptation of the classic 1980s movie. The show follows the story of three female office workers, who are struggling to make ends meet under the thumb of their overly demanding boss. The trio comes up with an outrageous plan to overthrow the office tyrant and turn their lives around. The show is filled with vibrant choreography, an infectious score and a story of female empowerment.

Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing the Show

9 to 5: The Musical will be playing at the Lyric Theatre from July through August. Tickets for the show range from AUD $49.90 to AUD $149.90 for adults and students. The show is suitable for all ages and its running time is around 140 minutes with one intermission.

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The Creative Team Behind the Show

The show is an adaptation of the classic American movie, written by the original movie’s star and producer, Dolly Parton. It is directed by Jeff Calhoun and the musical director is Joshua Bergasse, who has worked on musical theatre productions such as On the Town, Grease and The Life. The choreography is by Kate Champion and it features scenic designs by Robin Don and lighting designs by Peter Mumford.

The Amazing Cast of 9 to 5: The Musical

The show stars British actress Bonnie Langford as Violet Newstead, alongside Caroline O’Connor as Roz Keith, Kerrie Anne Greenland as Judy Bernly and David Harris as Franklin Hart. The cast also features Brent Hill as Joe, Marney Mcqueen as Doralee Rhodes, Euan Doidge as Josh, Amy Hack as Maria and Killian McMahon as Dick.

The Award-Winning Music

The show is known for its toe-tapping and award-winning music. All the original songs from the movie have been adapted for the show, as well as a few new songs. The show has over 20 songs, including some of Dolly Parton’s most popular hits such as ‘9 to 5’, ‘Backwoods Barbie’, ‘Shine Like the Sun’, ‘Get Out and Stay Out’, ‘One of the Boys’ and many more.

The Timeless Story of Female Empowerment

9 to 5: The Musical is a testament to the power of female friendship and the power that comes from women standing together. It is a show about workplace inequality, the fight against injustice and the power of three determined women who take control of their own destiny.

Innovative Set Design

The show features an innovative set design that combines projection and animation. The sophisticated set design creates a fantastical world, where the characters come to life and the audience is taken on a journey of female empowerment.

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Watch This Show Before It Leaves Brisbane

9 to 5: The Musical is an unmissable show that will leave you inspired and empowered. The show is only in Brisbane until August, so don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of this timeless story. Get your tickets now and be sure to experience the real magic of 9 to 5!

Discover More Shows in Brisbane

Brisbane is home to a vibrant and diverse theatre scene, with a number of theatres hosting a variety of amazing productions. There are a range of shows that are suitable for all ages, from family-friendly musicals to darker plays and dramas. Brisbane is also home to a number of performing arts festivals, such as Brisbane Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival, Out of the Box Festival and many more.

Support Local Arts

Supporting local theatre is a great way to help keep the arts alive in Brisbane. Going to see a show not only provides you with an entertaining night out, but it also helps to support the creative industry in Brisbane and ensure that the arts community continues to thrive. You can also support local theatre by becoming a member of one of the theatres or donating to a local theatre company.

Explore Brisbane After the Show

Brisbane is a vibrant and exciting city that has something to offer everyone. After taking in a show at the theatre, why not explore some of the city’s many attractions? From lush parks and gardens to the trendy bars and restaurants, there is something for everyone. And don’t forget to take in the stunning views of the Brisbane River and its many bridges.

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Experience 9 to 5: The Musical for Yourself

Experience the magic of 9 to 5: The Musical this summer in Brisbane. Don’t miss your chance to see this award-winning show and be inspired by its empowering story of female friendship. Get your tickets now and come along to the Lyric Theatre to experience the magic of 9 to 5!