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The largest pizza delivery chain, Domino’s Pizza, is rolling out its new gluten-free options to its customers around the world. For those with gluten-sensitivities, this news is sure to be welcomed with open arms! Whether for special occasions or for everyday cravings, Domino’s is making it easier to satisfy your pizza needs without having to sacrifice taste. Read on to learn more!
Domino's Offers Gluten-Free Options!

1. Domino’s Delivers Tasty Gluten-Free Options

Domino’s Pizza has now made tasteful gluten-free dishes part of its menu. The advantages of eating gluten-free have been touted by nutritionists and health professionals alike, so it’s no surprise that many have welcomed with open arms Domino’s gluten-free option. And herein lies the beauty of it – Domino’s has successfully blended flavour with nutrition blissfully.

The gluten-free menu consists of the following goodies that are sure to satisfy those hunger pangs:

  • Classic Hand-Tossed Crust – All your favourite pizzas can now be made gluten-free with Domino’s classic crust. They are quite savoury and a great source of fibre and protein as well!
  • Gluten-Free Thin Crust – They offer something extra special to ensure that all customers can truly enjoy their pizzas, no matter what their dietary beefs are.
  • Wings – Need we say more? Order Domino’s wings with their signature gluten-free sauce for an unforgettable experience.

So, the next time your taste buds are longing for something sumptuous and your body is asking for something healthy, Domino’s gluten-free surprises are the answer. It’s the perfect win-win situation.

1. Domino's Delivers Tasty Gluten-Free Options

2. A Perfect Meal, Without the Gluten

Ingredients for the Healthy Gluten-Free Meal:

  • Coconut oil
  • Broccoli
  • Grilled Salmon
  • Sweet Potato
  • Avocado

It is possible to create a delicious, healthy meal without the addition of gluten. This simple combination of coconut oil, broccoli, salmon, sweet potato and avocado makes for an unseemly combination of textures and flavors.

The coconut oil adds a nice richness to the salmon while it is grilling. Broccoli provides a crunchy but creamy texture when roasted on the side and adds a nice balance to the meal. Sweet potato blends the creamy texture and the smokiness from the grilled salmon, while the avocado adds a nice complimentary flavor and extra bit of richness.

This whole meal is easy to put together and will make for a complete, satiating dinner. It contains all the good flavors and nourishment to take you through the evening, without the added gluten for digestive issues and intolerances.
2. A Perfect Meal, Without the Gluten

3. Delicious Alternatives to Gluten-Free Eaters

If you’re living a gluten-free lifestyle, you don’t have to miss out on delicious meals! There are plenty of delicious substitutes to gluten grains so you can still enjoy home cooked favourites. Here are 3 alternatives that are just as tasty as the original.

  • Amaranth: This ancient grain contains high levels of protein, amino acids and dietary fiber. It has a unique nutty flavour and can be used as a flour or cooked and eaten as a porridge or side.
  • Millet: A tiny seed with huge benefits, millet is packed with fiber, B vitamins and minerals. It cooks quickly and can be served in a variety of ways, from warm breakfast cereals to traditional salads.
  • Quinoa: As one of the only plant-based sources of complete proteins, quinoa is a favourite for gluten-free eaters. Its nutty flavour, fluffy texture, and slight crunch make it a great substitute for rice, couscous or bulgur.
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These alternatives can be used to whip up dishes in all sorts of cuisines—from Asian noodles to Mexican tacos! Whether you’re looking for a side, a base for a meal, or just a tasty snack, there are a plethora of gluten-free friendly selections to choose from.

4. Unbelievable Variety of Gluten-Free Choices

Gluten-free eating no longer means settling for boring, tasteless meals. Innovation around the world has given rise to an impressively wide selection of gluten-free food items with the same great taste as their gluten-filled counterparts. Here are just a few amazing gluten-free choices you can enjoy:

  • Bakery Items – Die-hard bakers will rejoice knowing there are now some delicious gluten-free pastry recipes available. From muffins and donuts to bagels and cookies, you won’t be missing out on any of your favorite treats.
  • Snacks – Who said snacking needs to be unhealthy? With alternatives like chips, popcorn and nut-based snacks, you don’t need to compromise on flavor or texture just because it’s gluten-free.
  • Main Courses – From sausages to quiche, gluten-free diners have an incredible array of main meals to keep them satisfied. These options can easily be incorporated into your favorite lunches and dinners, making them both healthy and tasty at the same time.

The ever-growing selection of gluten-free food items makes it easier than ever to have a varied and enjoyable diet. With so much choice, you can easily guess that pizza night will never be boring again!

5. Allergy-Friendly Toppings, Sauces and Crusts

If you have food allergies, ordering a pizza shouldn’t feel like a risk. Let your taste buds explore delicious options without having to worry- dairy-free and gluten-free ingredients are reported to be on the increase. Here are our top picks for allergy-free chefs who want to make their own pizza:

  • Topping: Mushrooms, spinach, olives, bell peppers, jalapenos, pineapple, sun-dried tomatoes, fried onions and vegan cheese.

For those of you with soy allergies, there are also tasty vegan cheese sauces like Daiya’s vegan cheddar-style shreds and the follow-your-heart mozzarella-style shreds that are soy-free and nut-free. Or for those avoiding dairy, a blend of wild-harvested porcini mushrooms and Italian herbs make up the delightful vegan and dairy-free Gourmet Truffle-Porcini pizza topping.

  • Crust: Gluten-free pizza crusts are now plentiful. In addition to classic gluten-free crusts, you can now find keto, paleo and low-carb crusts made from nutritious ingredients like cauliflower, almond flour, and plantain flour.
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6. Gluten-Free a Priority for Domino’s

Domino’s Pushes the Boundaries to Serve Gluten-Free Eaters

In the world of gluten-free diners, Domino’s has made a big move by offering gluten-free crust to their customers. This makes them the first, and only, major pizza chain to offer this option. With the new option, customers can customize their pizza by omitting added gluten ingredients like sauces, breadcrumbs, and cheese made with gluten-containing enzymes. The gluten-free crust is derived from a mix of rice flour and other gluten-free flours, and baked in dedicated pans to prevent cross-contamination with wheat flour.

The introduction of the gluten-free crust allows Domino’s to cater to a whole new audience who have been neglected previously due to their dietary needs. As consumers continue to place a larger emphasis on inclusive menus, Domino’s is looking to be at the forefront of the shift. They are also pushing for better awareness about the dangers of gluten contamination. With a full commitment to providing options for those looking for a gluten-free meal, Domino’s is demonstrating their recognition and respect of dietary needs.

7. Traditional Pizzas, Gluten-Free Style

The traditional pizzas everyone grew up with are some of the world’s favorite foods – and now, they can be enjoyed by everyone, even those with dietary restrictions! There are loads of different gluten-free options for traditional pizza lovers; those who choose a gluten-free lifestyle can now enjoy the pizzas they crave.

Here are some delicious ideas for gluten-free traditional pizzas:

  • Cauliflower crust – Exactly what it sounds like; a pizza crust made entirely from cauliflower! It might not have the same texture as a regular pizza crust, but it can still be a flavorful and nourishing option.
  • Potato crust – A pizza crust using mashed potatoes – a version that’s lighter, tastier, and simpler to make than traditional dough. Great for those looking for a healthier alternative.
  • Cream cheese crust – A tasty, versatile, and gluten-free option. This type of crust is best served with strong, savory toppings.

And there you have it – a few creative ideas to help all pizza lovers enjoy the traditional pizzas they love!

8. Create Your Own Masterpiece, Without the Gluten

Your creativity should never be limited by your dietary restrictions! Enjoy creating your very own gluten-free masterpieces with these simple steps:

  • Pick your favorite recipes. Whether it’s a cake or a pizza, choose the recipe you’d most like to make.
  • Find a gluten-free substitute. This can include flour, noodles, bread, and other ingredients. You can find plenty of creative recipes online.
  • Experiment with flavors. Browse your pantry for spices and condiments that you think would match well with your creation. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it!

By following the basics of gluten-free cooking, you can make all kinds of delicious creations. Challenge yourself to make something unique or even combine different recipes for something totally original. With a few tweaks, there’s no reason why you can’t recreate any dish without gluten!

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9. Quality Ingredients, Maximum Flavour

While flavour is essential when cooking, the quality of the ingredients used is just as important. Picking the right ingredients ensures your dishes are of the highest quality and flavour. The key to getting the most flavour out of each ingredient is to respect its natural taste and abundance.

  • Choose seasonal foods: It’s important to take advantage of seasonal produce, as your meal will often taste better as the fruits and vegetables are fresher.
  • Pick the right herbs and spices: Herbs and spices can greatly enhance the flavour of a dish without dominating, so use it to give a subtle boost where necessary.
  • Use quality ingredients: Whenever possible, buy quality ingredients at a reasonable price. A little extra spent can really add to the complexity of your dish.

Elevating the quality of your ingredients to maximise the flavour is easy to do and can help make your dishes stand out. Experiment with different combinations and approaches when it comes to cooking with quality ingredients and discover the delicious results!

10. Domino’s Gives You Choices Galore!

At Domino’s, you can eat your heart out with a wide selection of delicious pizza options. Whether you like thin crust or pan-style, or something totally unique for your favorite toppings, you’ll find something to satisfy your cravings.

Choose from classics like:

  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese
  • Veggie

Plus, speciality pizzas like BBQ Chicken, Margherita, and Hawaiian, and build-your-own options to craft the perfect dish. With amazing variety like this, you can guarantee that everyone can find something they like!

Now that Domino’s has added gluten-free options to its menu, pizza lovers everywhere finally have reason to celebrate! With a range of delicious, gluten-free pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts, Domino’s has once again proven their commitment to meeting the dietary needs of pizza lovers around the world. So grab a slice, sit back, and pizza responsibly with Domino’s gluten-free options!