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Families dealing with Celiac Disease can now break out the napkins, because Domino’s has just released a new gluten-free pizza! For years, pizza lovers with Celiac Disease had limited options when it came to enjoying their favorite treat. But now, adhering to a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean sacrificing their love of pizza — and deliciousness. This article will explore what Domino’s has to offer, and how the new gluten-free options have revolutionized the culinary landscape for those with dietary restrictions.
Dominos Goes Gluten Free: New Options for Celiacs

1. Domino’s Paves the Way: New Gluten-Free Options for Celiacs

Paving the way for celiacs everywhere, Domino’s has decided to make gluten-free pizza a reality! As of this month, Domino’s customers can now enjoy the ultimate pizza experience without worrying about their gluten intolerance. Domino’s has made sure that all gluten-free pizzas are always cooked separately from other pizzas with the same care and attention one would expect from their favorite pizza joint.

Gluten-free pizza lovers in the US can enjoy an 11-inch thin crust pizza, which is served with an array of delicious toppings such as bacon, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and more. Additionally, diners can choose to have it made with Domino’s signature gluten-free crust or reduced-fat cheese that’s free from hydrolyzed wheat in their toppings. Plus, all gluten-free pizzas are now baked in a certified gluten-free kitchen.

  • No more worrying about gluten – forget the delicately prepared home-made pizza, Domino’s has got you covered!
  • Always fresh – all gluten-free pizzas are always cooked separately with the same attention and care as any other pizza.
  • Full range of toppings – customers can enjoy all their favorite toppings, such as bacon, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers and more.
  • Certified gluten-free kitchen – all gluten-free pizzas are now baked in a certified gluten-free kitchen.

1. Domino's Paves the Way: New Gluten-Free Options for Celiacs

2. Pizza Place to the Rescue: Domino’s Rolls Out Gluten-Free Pizzas

Love pizza, but can’t eat it because of dietary restrictions? You’re not alone! Thankfully, Domino’s Pizza is coming through to save the day with its new gluten-free offering. It’s a delicious treat with some amazing options:

  • Gluten-Free Crusts
  • Cheese-Free Pizza Toppings
  • Vegan Cheese Options

Domino’s new gluten-free crusts and vegan cheese toppings provide a delicious, authentic Italian-style pizza experience, minus the wheat and gluten. Not only is it a great pizza option for those with dietary restrictions, but those looking for fewer, healthier ingredients in their meals will love the all-natural and organic options. And that’s not even mentioning: creamy ranch and garlic dippings, hearty sausages, and fresh veggies.

So come dig in! Get your hands on one of Domino’s delicious gluten-free pizzas and indulge in a slice of Italian heaven.

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2. Pizza Place to the Rescue: Domino's Rolls Out Gluten-Free Pizzas

3. For Celiacs Who Crave Pizza: Domino’s Adds Gluten-Free Options to the Menu

People with celiac disease usually have to avoid pizza due to its glutinous materials, but now they don’t have to miss out anymore! Domino’s have just released their gluten-free menu in the United States and Canada! The menu offers a variety of delicious pizza options, made with gluten-free crust and fresh ingredients.

The pizza makers are dedicated to provide a safe and delicious meal through allergen-sensitive procedures. This includes:

  • Well-ventilated, sanitized equipment and tools
  • Glove change and use of individualized toppings storage
  • Special order instructions all recorded by hand
  • Color-coded cutting boards

All in all, Domino’s gluten-free option allows celiacs to indulge safely in a favorite meal that was not available to them before. Now celiacs can enjoy a guilt-free slice of pizza with their family and friends!

4. Why Go Gluten-Free? Domino’s Explains the Benefits

Managing Your Diet
These days, it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about the health benefits of gluten-free meals. But what exactly is gluten, and what advantages does it offer? Domino’s has the answers.

Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. That’s why many of these grains and their derivatives are off the menu for people with gluten sensitivities. Taking gluten out of the equation forces people to be more creative in the kitchen and to look for alternative ingredients that offer the same nutritional punch.

Grain-Free Eats
At Domino’s, all the gluten-free items on our menu are made with grain-free ingredients. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find:

  • Gluten-free pizza crust made with potato and rice flour
  • Tasty salads made with kale and brown rice
  • Sandwiches with high-protein quinoa and vegetables

No more having to sacrifice flavor in exchange for a gluten-free lifestyle. Domino’s gluten-free meal options are a perfect way to eat healthy without compromising taste. It has never been easier to enjoy delicious meals with the added benefit of gluten-free ingredients. So why not give Domino’s gluten-free options a try today?

5. The Science Behind the Switch: How Domino’s Ensures Gluten-Free Products

At Domino’s pizza, we understand the importance of meeting gluten-free standards for the countless people with gluten sensitivities. To ensure the highest levels of safety and quality, we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art science backed process that guarantees our gluten-free products are 100% free from any traces of gluten. Here’s how we do it:

  • All Domino’s gluten-free ingredients are sourced from certified farms and production facilities, where strict safety protocols are followed.
  • Our team of experts performs rigorous tests and lab analyses to ensure our gluten-free ingredients meet the highest standards.
  • Ingredients are measured and standardized with precise accuracy in our fully automated production line.
  • Every step of the process is monitored, from the raw ingredients all the way through the finished product.

Lastly, each ingredient goes through a thorough analysis and evaluation process, to confirm it meets all gluten-free requirements. Domino’s takes product quality and safety very seriously, so you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the highest quality gluten-free products out there.

6. A Celiac’s Haven: The Alluring & Delicious Gluten-Free Options on Offer

Celiacs everywhere know the struggle of finding delicious, gluten-free options in the restaurant realm. But don’t despair any longer – the array of gluten-free goodies and goodies that come along with them is enough to entice even the pickiest eaters. Here are some of the tantalizing options that await you if you’re living gluten-free:

  • Gluten-free breads and pastries – Breads, buns, and pastries all made without gluten? Yes please! From multigrain and rosemary rolls to scones and artisan baguettes, these gluten-free goodies are sure to have your taste buds singing.
  • Gluten-free pasta – Nothing can compare to the al-dente, toothsome heaven of homemade gluten-free pasta. Made with every shape and size, these pastas are sure to delight.
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Take a look around your city, and you’ll quickly discover that the options for gluten-free fare have never been more plentiful or delicious. From vegan-friendly fare to the creamy bliss of pizza mozzarella, there’s something for every taste – and of course, it’s all gluten-free!

7. Health Conscious and Delicious: The Perfect Combination in Domino’s Gluten-Free Menu

At Domino’s, it’s easy to enjoy delicious food without compromising your health. The pizza chain has recently expanded its gluten-free menu, giving customers the best of both worlds. Here are the benefits of its gluten-free selection:

  • Vast selection: Domino’s now offers 14 gluten-free pizzas, allowing customers to have their favorite toppings and indulge in the ultimate meal. And they don’t have to worry—each gluten-free pizza item meets the criteria of being a gluten-free food.
  • Safe and reliable: Each gluten-free pizza is made in a dedicated gluten-free communication facility, ensuring that each slice is free of any traces of gluten. To further guarantee your well-being, Domino’s has its pizzas tested for gluten.
  • Flavorful and filling: At Domino’s, coeliacs no longer have to sacrifice flavor for safety. Thanks to their fresh ingredients and delicious toppings, each pizza is sure to be as flavorful as if it had gluten. Enjoy a guilt-free treat without compromising on taste!

Whether it’s for a quick lunch, dinner, or a post-night-out snack, Domino’s gluten-free menu has you covered. Become part of the community and try the latest addition to the pizza giant—a combination of safety and flavor you won’t be able to resist.

8. Going the Extra Mile: Preventative Steps Domino’s Takes to Deliver Gluten-Free Pizza

The health and safety of our customers is our priority, and we take steps beyond just offering a gluten-free menu option. With Domino’s, you can have confidence that gluten-free pizza will be prepared with safety and mindfulness at the forefront.

We go the extra mile to guarantee that our customers receive the safest and most contactless service:

  • Box Sealing: Each gluten-free pizza is individually sealed with a tamper-proof label before it leaves the store.
  • Labeling: A special gluten-free label is applied to each gluten-free pizza to alert the delivery driver and restaurant staff of which orders should be handled separately.
  • Outside Contamination: To ensure that our gluten-free pizza is safe from outside contamination, it is prepared and cooked in a designated area of the kitchen and transferred to a delivery bag that is labeled “gluten free only”.
  • Uniforms: Employees responsible for preparing and cooking gluten-free dishes are required to wear fresh clothing, including hats, gloves and dedicated aprons.

With Domino’s, you can enjoy a delicious and gluten-free meal without the worry. We don’t just offer gluten-free pizza; we deliver a gluten-free pizza experience you can feel good about.

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9. Precautionary Measures: How Domino’s Takes Extra Care in Making Gluten-Free Pizzas

Domino’s is committed to providing the best quality gluten-free pizza for customers with special dietary needs. We take the risk of foodborne illness seriously and understand the importance of fulfilling special dietary needs with respect and caution. Here are some of the steps Domino’s takes when it comes to gluten-free pizza:

  • Dedicated Workstations: Domino’s has specific tools and methods for making gluten-free pizza that are physically separate from other pizzas. Special equipment used for gluten-free pizza is only used for gluten-free pizza, ensuring that no risk of cross-contamination exists.
  • Stringent Cleaning Protocols: After the preparation of each gluten-free pizza, the workstations and tools used for their preparation are rigorously cleaned and sanitized according to the highest standards.
  • Individually-Wrapped Packaging: The gluten-free pizza is securely packaged in its own bag, keeping it safe from any other food items and other external contamination sources.

By taking extra care in the preparation of gluten-free pizza, Domino’s ensures that customers remain safe and enjoy their meal with the same level of satisfaction they’ve come to know and love. Our dedication to meeting the highest standards of hygiene and safety makes us the perfect choice for those with dietary needs.

10.Gluten-Free Ambassdors: Domino’s Makes Delicious Pizza Available to All

Domino’s Pizza is renowned for its delicious and quality pizzas – and now everyone can enjoy them! Domino’s is a leader in the food industry – offering an innovative gluten-free option to all customers. Their delicious Certified Gluten-Free Crust is now available in all stores. In a world where a gluten-free option isn’t always readily available, Domino’s comes to the rescue.

This accessible menu item has made Domino’s a great gluten-free ambassador. They have taken the steps to ensure that everyone can now experience their delicious pizza without worry. With quality ingredients, a dedicated preparation area, and strict sanitation and cleaning protocols to reduce the risk of cross-contact, gluten-intolerant cheese lovers everywhere can take comfort in knowing that this pizza is entirely safe for them to eat.

  • Certified Gluten-Free Crust available in all stores
  • domino’s offers an innovative gluten-free options
  • Quality ingredients for delicious pizza
  • Dedicated preparation area
  • Strict sanitation and cleaning protocols

When it comes to eating gluten-free and craving pizza, Domino’s is offering up some delicious new options for those who suffer from Celiac Disease. With gluten-free crusts, vegetable-based sauces, and toppings galore, it’s never been easier to get your pizza ‘fix’. So go ahead, Celiacs – it’s pizza time!