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Veganism has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years, with more and more people adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Whether it’s motivated by health, ethics, or the environment, there’s no doubt that veganism is on the rise. As such, vegans and non-vegans alike are increasingly on the lookout for delicious and creative vegan-friendly options when it comes to dining out.

If you’re on the hunt for the best vegan restaurants in the Nerang area of Australia, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s explore some of the top spots for vegan fare in this vibrant and diverse city.

The Green Table

The Green Table is a vegan-owned and operated restaurant that offers a unique, plant-based menu. The restaurant’s dishes are made with organic and locally sourced ingredients, and their menu changes on a regular basis to keep things interesting.

The Green Table’s menu features some classic vegan dishes like vegan bacon, scrambled tofu, and spicy jackfruit tacos, as well as some creative new takes on vegan fare. Highlights include the macadamia and carrot terrine, the miso-glazed eggplant, and the roasted pumpkin and tahini salad. The restaurant also offers an impressive selection of vegan desserts, such as the chocolate mousse and the almond and date tart.

Vegetarian Kitchen

If you’re looking for a home-cooked vegan meal, then head over to Vegetarian Kitchen. This cozy family-run restaurant serves a variety of vegan Chinese dishes, from eggplant and tofu stir-fry to steamed buns and vegetable spring rolls. The restaurant also offers some vegan-friendly takes on traditional Chinese dishes, such as the vegan char siu bao and the vegan dumplings.

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The best part about Vegetarian Kitchen is that all of the dishes are made with quality ingredients and cooked to perfection. The friendly staff are always willing to accommodate special requests, making this a great spot for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Happy Hippie

Happy Hippie is a vegan-friendly cafe and bakery that serves a variety of vegan sandwiches, salads, cakes, and desserts. The cafe’s menu is constantly changing, but you’ll always find something delicious and creative to try.

Popular items on the menu include the vegan BLT, the tempeh and avocado wrap, and the beetroot and bean burger. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the carrot cake, the banana bread, or the lemon meringue pie.

Happy Hippie also offers a range of hot and cold drinks, including organic teas, smoothies, and kombucha.

Kind Eats

Kind Eats is a vegan-friendly cafe and restaurant that offers an extensive menu of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. The restaurant’s dishes are all made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and the menu features both classic favorites and unexpected delights.

Kind Eats’ menu includes a range of vegan appetizers, mains, and desserts. Highlights include the vegan tacos, the black bean and sweet potato burrito, and the jackfruit and pineapple stir-fry. The restaurant also offers an impressive selection of vegan desserts, such as the carrot cake and the vegan banana bread.

Bodhi’s Café

Last but not least, Bodhi’s Café offers an impressive selection of vegan-friendly dishes. The restaurant serves classic vegan dishes like vegan burgers, seitan steaks, and Beyond Burgers, as well as some creative vegan dishes like the vegan Bahn Mi and the vegan tacos.

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The restaurant also offers desserts like the vegan brownie and the vegan ice cream sundae. Bodhi’s Café is also well-known for their selection of vegan-friendly drinks, such as kombucha and almond milk lattes.

If you’re looking for some delicious vegan-friendly food in the Nerang area, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings at one of the above restaurants. Whether you’re vegan or not, these eateries offer some of the best vegan fare in the city. Bon appétit!