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There’s never been a better time to be a gluten-free food lover! Domino’s is back with their delicious and utterly indulgent “A Slice of Heaven” menu, and it’s just for gluten-free individuals. Now, you can tantalize and indulge your taste buds with an all-inclusive experience without worrying about any gluten-related health issues. Devour quality pizza, snacks, desserts, and more with this special menu — and do it guilt-free!
A Slice of Heaven: Gluten-Free Domino's

1. The Rise of Gluten-Free Domino’s: A Pizza-Lover’s Dream Come True

Gluten-free pizza lovers rejoice – Domino’s has made it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite food. The chain recently announced the launch of a special gluten-free pizza line, giving customers the freedom to indulge in delicious toppings with a gluten-free crust.

The gluten-free crust is also a welcome change for those who suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The new crust is made with an entirely gluten-free recipe and contains no wheat, barley, or rye. Plus, the pies are made in their own certified gluten- free kitchens. And better yet, the special gluten-free pizzas are available in all Domino’s locations nationwide.

  • Added options – Customers with food sensitivities can now order any of their favorite toppings without concern.
  • No cross-contamination – The pizzas are made in designated gluten-free kitchens to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Nationwide availability – Domino’s gluten-free pizzas are available in all locations across the U.S.

1. The Rise of Gluten-Free Domino's: A Pizza-Lover's Dream Come True

2. A Gluten-Free Revolution in the Pizza Industry

The pizza industry has come a long way in the past decade, transcending the traditional pizza toppings, and adopting innovative methods of cooking and ingredients for a tastier, healthier experience for all. One of the greatest revolutions in pizza is the introduction of gluten-free options.

More and more pizza joints are making the switch to gluten-free dough and toppings. Whether it’s because the store has been taken over by a gluten-free owners, or because of the growing demand in gluten-free options, the reality is that you no longer have to settle for cardboard-like pizza because of diet restrictions. You can now have a delicious authentic hand-tossed pizza – and even get creative with the toppings. From dragon-breath cheese to eggplant bacon – gluten-free pizza offers endless options.

  • Gluten-free dough in different varieties
  • Dairy-free cheese substitutes
  • Plant-based meat alternatives
  • Unconventional pizza toppings
  • Healthy vegetable combinations

2. A Gluten-Free Revolution in the Pizza Industry

3. Breaking Down the Basics of Gluten and Why Domino’s Offerings Rock

Gluten is a protein composite found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. In most cases, it’s totally harmless to eat – unless you have a medical condition such as Celiac Disease. So, if you don’t suffer from Celiac Disease and want to enjoy the savory goodness of pizza, rest assured that Domino’s menu has you covered.

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Domino’s provides an array of options for those looking for gluten-free options. They provide a certified gluten-free crust option which is made in a certified gluten-free facility. Moreover, Domino’s also provide a variety of side dishes, such as garlic bread, mozzarella cheese sticks, and wings, that are certified gluten-free. Take the deliciousness of their pizzas to the next level while also enjoying peace-of-mind.

  • Gluten-Free Crust – certified to be gluten-free and made in a certified gluten-free facility
  • Side Dishes – garlic bread, mozzarella sticks, and wings certified to be gluten-free

4. What Do Experts Say About theNew Domino’s Gluten-Free Options?

The introduction of Domino’s new gluten-free crust and accompanying options has been welcomed by a variety of dieticians, nutritionists and other medical professionals. They all have had great things to say about Domino’s effort to provide more options for customers with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and other food-related allergies or intolerances.

The plans to expand the gluten-free options to the rest of the Domino’s menus was especially praised by those in the field. Here are some of the comments:

  • Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center: “Domino’s has taken a major step forward in helping people with food-related allergies, or those who must adhere to gluten-free diets, easily to enjoy pizza.”
  • Dr. Andrea Dunn, RD, a senior nutrition partner with the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University: “People with celiac disease can now safely enjoy gluten-free pizza from Domino’s.”
  • Schar USA, the gluten-free food company that produces the gluten-free crust for Domino’s: “We are thrilled to be a part of Domino’s mission to serve customers with gluten-sensitivity a delicious and safe pizza experience.”

The overwhelmingly positive response to Domino’s new gluten-free options stands as a triumphant example of how food companies are increasing the availability of meal choice for people with special needs. With its new menu additions, Domino’s will continue to make it easy for customers with allergies and other food-related issues to enjoy more delicious meals.

5. Special Considerations When Choosing Gluten-Free Toppings

It’s important to consider gluten content when selecting suitable toppings for gluten-free dishes. As always, it’s best to check labels and confirm products are safe for gluten-sensitive individuals. Start with these five :

  • Choose Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs: Many breadcrumbs contain gluten, so swapping them for a gluten-free alternative like ground almonds, cornflakes or quinoa flakes is a necessity.
  • Natural Cheeses: Natural cheeses like feta, mozzarella and cheddar, are naturally gluten-free. Processed cheeses however, may contain hidden gluten, so carefully check the label.
  • Spice Selection: Many spice mixes unfortunately contain gluten, so it’s best to select gluten-free spices to add flavour and texture to dishes.
  • Homemade Toppings: If time and access to ingredients allows, consider making toppings yourself. This ensures you know exactly what ingredients are used in every dish.
  • Gluten-Free Flours: Gluten-free flours can be used in place of regular flour for coating fried toppings, and to thicken sauces like alfredo.

Since toppings can be the difference between a bland and delectable dish, it pays off to be mindful of gluten-contamination sources when selecting them. Gluten-free comfort can be achieved without sacrificing taste, simply by making the best-informed decisions.

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6. How Do You Know Your Pizza is Safely Gluten-Free?

Cross-Contamination Risks

When making sure your pizza is gluten-free, pay attention to the potential risks of cross-contamination. Whenever gluten is present, there’s a risk that particles of gluten may ‘contaminate’ other ingredients and dishes. Investigate where the ingredients are prepared, handled and cooked in the kitchen so you understand the level of risk of gluten exposure.

Check for Gluten-Free Label

One of the most reliable ways to know that your pizza is gluten-free is to look for a gluten-free label or certification. Many restaurants have taken steps to make sure their offerings are safe for people with dietary needs. Look for a signed statement from the chef or an official third-party certificate guaranteeing the pizza is safe to eat if you have a gluten intolerance.

You can also:

  • Read gluten-free ingredient lists
  • Ask servers and chefs about in-house safety precautions
  • Bring your own gluten-free ingredients to the pizza dough
  • Choose single-ingredient items as toppings, such as cheese, pesto, and certain vegetables

These tips and strategies can provide you with the assurance that your pizza is gluten-free and safe to consume.

7. Dive into Delicious Slices at Domino’s for Any Occasion

No celebration is complete without savoring a good slice of pizza. Domino’s has always been a go-to spot for pizza cravings, and it is the frontline choice for any special occasion. Spoil your friends and family with pizza from Domino’s, and bring home exciting flavors, handmade recipes, and an outstanding range of side orders.

Domino’s selection of pizzas is renowned. Choose your favorite right there, or dive deep and explore their delicious options. Enjoy the classic Double Cheese Margherita, topped with succulent slices of tomatoes, crème fraiche, mozzarella, and oregano. Classic flavors such as Ham and Cheese will always bring that spark on any occasion. After tasting these classic recipes, try the exotic ‘Italiannies’ like The Italian Al Funghi made with mushrooms, roasted peppers and red onions, or the Coastal Italian filled with exotic flavors from the Mediterranean.

  • Note: Don’t forget the Mushroom and Onion Pizza with smoked Mozzarella and succulent mushrooms and onions.
  • Plus: You can create your own pizza flavor with the help of Domino’s selection of ingredients!

8. Variety, Variety, Variety— Gluten-Free Option for Everyone

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean an end to variety in your diet, it just means you have more options to explore! Here are just some of the delicious foods you can enjoy with a tweak to make them gluten-free:

  • Muffins: Replace flour with rice, almond, or quinoa flour, and use gluten-free baking powder. You can get creative, with add-ins like banana, blueberry, or chocolate chips.
  • Pizza: There are lots of premade, gluten-free bases you can use. Otherwise, you can make your own with a mixture of rice, potato, and almond flour.
  • Sandwiches: There are countless gluten-free bread options, so you don’t have to miss out on the beloved sandwich. Try slices of paleo-friendly almond and coconut flour bread, or an oat flour wrap.
  • Pasta: Gluten-free pasta styles can include buckwheat, quinoa, chickpea, black bean, and rice-based varieties. For the more adventurous, baked eggplant, zucchini, or squash can even be used.
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Who said gluten-free means no more cakes and biscuits? Sub out the flour in regular recipes with gluten-free options, like tapioca, potato, or buckwheat flour, and enjoy a rich and tasty brownie or jam-filled cookie. Keep experimenting and you’ll never be short of something to prepare and enjoy.

9. Adventure to a Whole New Level – Customize Your Own Gluten-Free Pizza

Are you a gluten-free pizza lover who’s looking for an adventure in the kitchen? Now you can take your gluten-free pizza-making to the next level with a customized pizza of your own! Crafting your pizza is as easy as 1-2-3.

First, pick your preferred pizza base. Our menu has classic wheat-free bases like cauliflower or almond flour, or you can switch up your basics and opt for a cauliflower-garbanzo bean crust or a quinoa tortilla.

  • Next, choose your favorite toppings. Whether you like your pizza simple or loaded, we have an endless number of veggie and vegan-friendly toppings just waiting to be picked.
  • Finally, top it off. Sprinkle on your favorite herbs and spices for a flavor-packed pizza that’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.

One pizza, one hundred possibilities – customize your own gluten-free pizza today!

10. Leaving No One Behind – Offering Great Savings with Gluten-Free Domino’s

Are you someone with dietary restrictions, looking for something special to eat on the weekends? Introducing Gluten-Free Domino’s – a chain of restaurants offering great savings and delicious gluten-free options that simply can’t be beaten.

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Vegetarian? We’ve got it all! Our menu features an ever-expanding variety of options, perfect for anyone in your party – no matter their dietary needs. With Gluten-Free Domino’s, we strive to make sure everyone can join in on the deliciousness. Choose from items like:

  • Hand-Tossed Crust Pizzas – Our fresh dough rolled and cooked to perfection in our wood-fired ovens with just enough crunch.
  • Crescent Pocket Pizzas – Feeling adventurous? Our pocket-style pizzas are stuffed with your favorite toppings for a unique take on pizza.
  • Chicken Alfredo Bread Bowls – A delicious Alfredo stew with fresh-grilled chicken served over a toasted Parmesan-Garlic Twist.

Plus, enjoy great savings with our daily deals, coupon codes, and more. Come by and join us today – you don’t want to miss out on all the deliciousness waiting for you at Gluten-Free Domino’s!

So, if you have the gluten-free domino’s craving, you can indeed have your slice of heaven. Order up your favorite crust and dig in to the delicious experience of pizza without all the gluten. Bon Appetit!