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Who says you have to grill up the usual burgers and hot dogs for your next BBQ event? For a truly unique and tasty experience, try something new and exciting – grilling watermelon steaks! Take your outdoor grilling game to a whole new level this summer and impress your guests with this juicy and unexpected way to enjoy your favorite summertime fruit.
A Juicy Way to Grill: Watermelon Steaks

1. In Season – A Juicy Way to Grill: Watermelon Steaks

Summer is here and that means sweet, juicy watermelon is bountiful! Take your favorite backyard classic – grilling – to the next level with this delicious and fun twist. There’s nothing quite like watermelon steaks, cooked over an open flame, to tantalize your taste buds and add a pop of color to your plate.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Start by picking out your watermelon. Look for one that’s firm and heavy for its size.
  • Cut your watermelon into large 1-inch thick steaks. You can get creative with the shape of your slices.
  • Liberally season with your favorite rub, or use olive oil, salt and pepper—whatever you like!
  • Grill over indirect heat, flipping once, until the steak is warm throughout and has nice grill marks, about 10-15 minutes.

Not only is this a unique and delicious way to enjoy a summertime favorite, but you can look forward to getting a healthy dose of Vitamins A and C! So, the next time you fire up the grill, give watermelon steaks a try – they’re unlike any grilling experience you’ve ever had.

2. Deliciousness Is Just Around the Corner

It’s Time To Start The Party

Are you ready for a delicious adventure? With just a few simple steps, you can have deliciousness just around the corner:

  • Gather the necessary ingredients.
  • Invite your friends over or plan a small dinner – either way, it’s time to have some fun.
  • Start cooking and let your kitchen fill with the tantalizing aromas of your favorite dishes.

The possibilities are endless! Whether you choose to make a traditional dish that everybody loves, or a unique new flavor that your friends have never tasted before, it’s time to get creative in the kitchen. Start the party and let the deliciousness begin!
2. Deliciousness Is Just Around the Corner

3. A Summertime Grill That’s Anything But Boring

When the days become longer and the nights become balmier, most of us know it’s time to break out the grill. But that doesn’t mean you have to make the same old fire-grilled meal as everyone else. Get creative with your grilling this summertime!

Here are some ideas to make your summer grilling tasty and anything but boring:

  • Be inspired by the region. Global Cuisine is all the rage these days. Indulge in grilling traditions from around the world. Experiment with adding spices and herbs from the Middle East, Asia and South Asia to spice up your grilling.
  • Add more color. Bright, succulent vegetables-on-the-grill are both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. Try grilling peppers, eggplants, onions, and more next to your fish or meat.
  • Stay on-the-go. There’s no need to be tied to the kitchen. Channel your inner camper and take your BBQ on the road – whether it’s the beach, the camping ground, a park or anywhere else in-between.
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Your summer grilling festivities can become an exciting, adventurous and totally flavorful culinary experience that will have your friends and family begging for more!
3. A Summertime Grill That's Anything But Boring

4. Give Your Grill Menu a Taste of the Tropics

Getting tired of your normal summer BBQ fare? Spice up your outdoor grilling with a taste of the tropics! The unique flavor profiles of some of these recipes will keep your guests coming back for more!

Start with tropical-inspired appetizers like Bahamian Crab Dip or Shrimp Ceviche in Coconut Broth. Combine savory spices, cooked shellfish, and creamy coconut milk for a delicious start to your tropical BBQ extravaganza!

For the main course, nothing goes better with a hot and sunny day than some warm and juicy seafood. Serve up favorite flavors like:

  • Caribbean-Style Jerk Salmon
  • Jamaican Grilled Fish
  • Grilled Lobster with Papaya Salsa
  • Grilled Coconut Shrimp Skewers

End the meal with some sweet and exotic desserts, like Pineapple upside-down Cake or Coconut-Lime Gelato. Everyone will be begging for more of these tasty treats!

5. Turn Up the Heat with Watermelon Steak Grilling

Who said grilling steak with just one type of marinade will lead to an incomparable flavour? Nowadays, it’s commonplace to take the meat to the next level by expanding palate boundaries and what’s better than to use a juicy fruit like watermelon?

Grilling watermelon steak is a simple task and here are a few tips to make it easier:

  • Choose good quality watermelons: The quality of the fruit will influence the end product
  • Slice it: Cut rich and thick slices of the watermelon with a knife.
  • Put the pieces on the grill: Place the slices of watermelon for about 5 minutes, turning once, until there are black stripes
  • Add salt: To give extra flavour and enhance the taste of the steak, sprinkle some rock salt over the watermelon slices before serving.

The sweet and juicy flavours of the watermelon, along with the smoky taste of the grilling, will upgrade the taste of any steak to a whole new level. So, grab some watermelon, fire up the grills, and indulge in this delicious experience.

6. Get Ready to Make Your Mouth Water!

There’s nothing better than having a delicious meal after a hard day’s work. From take-out pizzas to homemade casseroles, there’s something about savoring a delicious bite that makes us all feel full of joy.

To help satisfy your culinary craving, here are 6 dishes that are sure to make your mouth water :

  • Spicy eggs – this Mexican treat is a perfect breakfast treat, with a crunchy centre and a kick of heat.
  • Spanakopita – a traditional Greek dish with layers of filo pastry, spinach, onion, and feta cheese.
  • Veggie lasagne – what’s better than a plate full of cheesy spinach and mushroom goodness?
  • Crispy fried chicken – this dish is a classic favourite, with a crunchy crust and succulent meat.
  • Pad Thai – this classic Thai dish is a delectable combination of sweet, sour and spicy flavours.
  • Goulash – a hearty beef and tomato stew, packed full of flavour and topped with just the right amount of cheese.
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No matter what your tastes are, these recipes will help to bring flavour and joy to your plate. You’ll be diving fork-first into their delicious offerings in no time!

7. Rules to Grilling Watermelon Steaks to Perfection

Grilling is a great way to cook watermelon steaks and it can be especially fun. But to make sure that your watermelon steak turns out delicious every time, it is important to follow some rules.

Here are 7 grilling rules for perfect watermelon steaks:

  • Choose the right watermelon – make sure it has a firm flesh and lots of sweet juice.
  • Cut the steaks – they should be cut at least 1-inch thick.
  • Marinate them – try a sweet, balsamic glaze or make your own marinade.
  • Avoid over-cooking – cook each side for no more than 2 minutes.
  • Serve them hot – make sure the watermelon steak is piping hot when you serve it.
  • Avoid turning them too much – an occasional turn is enough.
  • Don’t forget to season – use salt and pepper for the perfect watermelon steak.

By using these 7 rules to grill watermelon steaks, you can make sure to achieve the perfect result every time. Have fun grilling your steaks and don’t forget to enjoy the delicious taste of juicy watermelon as a result!

8. Prepwork – Prep and Marinate to Taste

Nothing quite beats the flavor of a beautifully prepped and marinated meal. Flowers that have been plucked, vegetables that have been peeled, spices that have been rubbed, these all make for a uniquely festive and spectacular dish. Here are some tips to ensure that your prepwork will really make your food shine:

  • Be mindful of moisture and texture. Different vegetables and protein require different levels of moisture and time to get tender. Before adding your spice rub, consider the hardiness of the food.
  • Choose your marinade wisely. Selecting a marinade depends on the kind of food, how flavorful you want the meal to be, and how long you’re able to marinade. From sweet and tangy to smoky and spicy, there’s always a marinade for any culinary occasion.

By following these tips and letting your taste buds be your guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a flavorful and mouth-watering meal. Enjoy prepping and marinating!

9. Fire It Up – Grilling Tips to Ensure Juiciness

Nothing draws the family together quite like a tasty grilled BBQ dinner. For juiciness, flavor and aroma, you can’t go wrong with the open flame of a grill. While it takes some diligent effort, achieving succulent and juicy grilled steak, chicken or pork is totally doable.

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Here are some grill tips to make sure your meal turns out perfectly juicy:

  • Marinate your meats for at least a few hours before cooking. This will ensure the flavors sink into the meat.
  • Ensure your grill is nicely preheated before cooking. This will give the food a beautiful charred outside and a juicy inside.
  • Don’t over-season your meals. Just the right amount of salt and pepper will improve the flavor of your grilled meats.
  • Monitor the temperature closely. Grilling on high heat helps keep the meats juicy, while lower temperatures can dry them out.
  • Don’t overcook your meats. Keep an eye on the thermometer and take the food off the grill before it reaches perfection, otherwise you’ll risk dryness.

The trickiest part of grilling is often making sure the flavors and textures are just right. But with just a few techniques, you can create a beautiful, juicy dinner for all to enjoy. Fire it up – and buckle up for a mouthwatering meal!

10. Enjoy the Sweet Taste of Summer With Watermelon Steaks

Nothing is better on a hot summer day than a sweet and juicy slice of watermelon. But if you’re looking for a fun twist on this classic summer fruit, why not give watermelon steaks a try?

Watermelon steaks use thick slices of watermelon to create a unique and enjoyable meal.

  • Start by halving your watermelon and cutting 1-inch thick slabs of the fruit
  • Slice these slabs into steak-like chunks
  • Brush each steak with olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper
  • Grill until you obtain an impressive charred look
  • Finally, add your favorite toppings and serve!

Nothing says summer like a plate of delicious, smoky watermelon steaks. Give this classic treat a try, and you’re sure to impress your friends and family.

Grilling up and enjoying some juicy watermelon steaks is a fun way to surprise your taste buds at your next barbecue! Whether you are looking to add color to your plate or some sweet, smoky flavor, these slices of succulent watermelon have you covered. So fire up the grill, grab a watermelon, and get cooking!